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Kompetencijų ir įgytos patirties Europoje sinergija
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the mobility project “ The synergy of competences and experience in Europe” of Alytus vocational training centre in 2015 Erasmus + (KA1 - Individual mobility for learning purposes, mobility of students and staff in vocational training) are participating 5 equivalent Lithuanian and 5 the other EU countries vocational training institutions. Sending partners (consortium members): Alytus vocational training centre, Kaunas food industry and trade training centre, Panevezys trade and service business school, Kaunas vocational training centre of social services and constructing business and Simnas agricultural school. Receiving partners: Giustavo Flobero vocational school (France), Wisamar (Germany), IES Las Indias vocational school (Spain), WinNova vocational training centre (Finland), The operating organisation of schools and educational institutions in Gizycko district (Poland). Project participants – IVT group of 80 students of initial vocational education training studying according to the programmes of an assistant manager for the trading companies (20 students), secretary (4 students), waiter and bartender (12 students), cook (12 students), confectioner (6 students), hotel employee (12 students), hairdresser (4 students), social nurse (10 students) . The duration of visits - 2 weeks. Also - VETPRO group of 20 vocational teachers working according to an assistant manager (4 teachers) a secretary (1 teacher), a waiter and bartender (3 teachers), a cook (3 teachers), a confectioner (3 teachers), a hotel employee (3 teachers), a hairdresser (1 teacher), a social nurse (2 teachers) training programmes. The duration of visits - 1 week. The aims of the project for students’ mobility : - improve students' technological knowledge and skills, to enhance the competitiveness of future professionals, acquainting them with the provided quality of services of the other EU countries; - teach students to work safely and efficiently with modern equipment, innovative and smart technologies; - improve students' social and general competencies: intercultural communication, socialization, team work and foreign language skills; - develop the international mobility of students, their ability to assess their competencies and integrate them into the international labour market. The students who are involved in the project have common aspects: the acquisition of new skills, to improve professional foreign language skills, learn how to practically use modern equipment and technology, to acquire skills needed to adapt to the changing labour market. The aim of the project for staff mobility: - to understand the training methods of foreign educational institutions, to improve professional competencies, creatively explore teaching (learning) methods and new technological equipment, to take over the best educational practices and apply them in their educational institutions; - to get acquinted with application of module teaching and apprenticeship in European countries - to evaluate their professional activities, to plan their professional development , creatively efor vocational teachers to develop personal initiative, to improve their skills in the dissemination of good practice with Lithuanian and foreign countries’ colleagues. We will seek in the project that the students have the opportunity to improve their professional skills while working with the latest technology and equipment. During the placement, they will work with the most modern equipment of German, Spanish, Polish, French and Finnish vocational schools, deepen their professional competences, get acquainted with the high work culture, health and safety requirements, the host country's history, culture, traditions and develop their linguistic skills and professional motivation . Vocational teachers during the internships realise these needs: to improve their professional qualifications; will be acquainted to the innovations of foreign countries, modern technologies due to the EU requirements; to share experiences with their colleagues, to take over the best practices of vocational training; convey knowledge to their students, so that the prospective employee could adapt to the needs of the modern labour market both in Lithuania and the EU countries. Implementing the project’s activities for the dissemination the information about the activities of the project and its results will reach these target groups: Lithuanian students and teachers of schools’ consortium , the academic community of schools, the society, the members of receiving organisations and business companies. The experience and international cooperation will encourage further partnership with other EU countries as well.
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