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Kokybės vadyba - dabartis ir perspektyvos
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania in order to balance the different levels of education institutions to learn (after the general and secondary schools) accession of flows, vocational education and training system network institutions is essential to improve vocational training institutions and vocational training services image quality. Vocational training institutions evaluation among existing and potential clients can be improved not only by popularizing services provided by the institutions, the organization of open door days or the other (complex) campaigns, but high quality and the development of a new service culture in QMS improvement. Therefore, the selected project theme is particularly at the moment, relevant vocational training institutions in terms of improving quality of services. For this project to the consortium vocational training institutions merged common objective - vocational training quality management system development, improvement of operating efficiency. In view of the fact that all four consortium took part in the project "Improvement of quality of vocational education and training Panevezys regional vocational training institutions" No VPI-2.2 -ŠMM-04-V-03-008, been certified and received the ISO quality management certificates, institutions for more than a year actually functioning of the quality management system. However, it is necessary to stress that while ISO quality management system implementation project, vocational training institutions has implemented a "stock" quality management system model, common to all organizations. A real working with quality management system there is a need for systems more individualized, adapted to the specific needs. It is necessary to mention that QMS management training representatives, quality auditors, heads. However, institutions lack of experience and skills, QMS members of the working group lacks managerial competence, knowledge of the ISO quality management system in order to benefit as well as a real adaptation school to combine all stages of activity. An insufficient knowledge hand baggage and small institutions cooperation does not create assumptions the desired changes to systematically and unanimously, and the individual and in substance, of different vocational education and training systems generate improvement for testing the expected effect. In order to improve already existing QMS institutions, moved the main objective of the project is to ensure that vocational schools to ensure quality management system complying with the quality of vocational education and training activities, and vocational schools quality improvement strategies. The objectives of the project: - to ensurean integrated quality management system functioning in accordance with international quality standards of management; - strengthen the administration employees vocational training institutions, QMS working groups, responsible for the functioning of an integrated quality management system and the specific skills; - to evaluate the quality management system efficiency indicators for measuring, on the basis of the EU partners' experience. The expected results: vocational training institutions improved international quality management quality management system that meets the standards, which, above all, is oriented to the improvement of quality of vocational education and training internal ensuring efficiency; improve QMS working group of special skills, management, and control described processes; purify indicators measuring quality management system; regional and international cooperation relations. Quality management system development benefit will be felt and other consortium vocational school employees, students, the social partners. Will be developed quality culture, the employees shall be granted knowledge of QMS assurance mechanisms, a quality assurance. Quality standards will become clearer and more realistic perceived each school community member. The implementation of the activities provided for, will be achieved through the main objective foreign partners' experience in working with the integrated quality management system, will increase vocational education and training system efficiency. After completion of the project, will be improved institutions created a complex integrated quality management system, including organizational structure, resources, their management (planning, organization, control measures, information gathering, accumulation, presentation techniques, training programs for improving the quality of the environment, employee training mechanisms, quality system organizational structure and areas of responsibility, system monitoring and improvement method. All these factors will enable the vocational training institutions to achieve that higher prestige and competitiveness not only in Lithuania, but also internationally.
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