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Knowledge Transfer Of Numerical Analysis And 3D Simulation Technologies Applied On Engineering Research Programmes

In today's world "Computational Mathematics and Modelling" will be the key word. Applied and computational numeric analysis use mathematic, modelling, simulation, and data analysis to produce solutions to real-world problems. These methods are used in a wide variety of areas in business and engineering. In many areas of science and engineering, computation has become an equal and indispensable partner, along with theory and experiment, in the quest for knowledge and the advancement of technology. Research in the area of numerical analysis and scientific computation is concerned with the development and analysis of numerical algorithms, the implementation of these algorithms on modern computer architectures, and the use of numerical methods in conjunction with mathematical modelling to solve large-scale practical problems. The continually increasing complexity of industrial development processes nowadays requires international and interdisciplinary cooperation. It’s need that a unique interdisciplinary forum to make research dealing with mathematical models and computational methods and algorithms for the numerical simulation of natural processes arising in applied science and mechanics. Therefore, the primary cause of necessity of the project to provide bring together of scientists and engineers with broad viewpoints and backgrounds, people who understand the fundamental physical principles involved in a problem of design or analysis, as well as the mathematical and computational tools required to solve it.While the age of technology is feeding research and innovation goals, the resulting products reinforce the technological infrastructure.86 billion euros budget will be allocated to R & D by the European Union with "The Seventh Framework Programme for Research," which is a continuation of the 2014 - 2020 period. According to the national institute of science, technology and innovation statistics in 2010 published by Turkey Statistical Institute, expenditure of R&D at the end of 2010 has been around 9805 million TL. According to the data of Turkey Statistical Institute, the terms of the ratio in GDP 0.84 percent of the R&D expenditures at the end of 2010, Turkey may be needed to cover more distance. The KnowTech3D project aims to contribute to this situation on a national basis with a innovative viewpoint.

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