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Knowledge Networks (KN)
Start date: Dec 31, 2004, End date: Dec 30, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

KN aims to create a network that will provide tools and methodologies to increase the participation of local inhabitants in the decision and policy-making process. By developing a simple and effective system of information exchange, KN wants to bring together city and society to encourage better local policies which respond to the real needs of citizens. Achievements: Achievements so far The project 'Knowledge Network: Governance in Action' officially started with a kick-off meeting in Cergy Pontoise in May 2005. The actual exchange of knowledge started in June 2005 with a panel meeting in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on 'methods to solve unemployment'. This panel meeting was followed by a conference in Granollers in November 2005, titled 'Community Centres, Spaces of Participation and Knowledge'. During this conference the partners decided on the templates for the inhabitants questionnaire and the contextual analysis, also the Communities of Practice were installed. The partners in the project also presented their brochure and decided on the Manifesto for the project. In 2006 all partners filled in the template for the contextual analysis and carried out the survey amongst inhabitants. 3.300 questionnaires on topics like local identity & local politics were returned. This made it possible to compare the cities involved in this project. In Patras, Greece (May 2006) partners discussed the subjects Urban Renewal and Public Private Partnership and the Not In My BackYard syndrome (NIMBY). This event boosted the exchange of information, knowledge and best practices. The results of the comparative research on the contextual analysis and the survey on local identity and local politics were presented during the conference in Vienna (September 2006). In November 2006 a panel meeting on social cohesion and local participation took place (Rimini, Italy). In this meeting, partners could learn about the importance of events for city identity. In the first half of 2007 the activities for 2007 and possible new initiatives were discussed during a project meeting in Brussels, Belgium (February 2007). In April 2007, a panel meeting about local participation and physical regeneration of derelict areas was held in Krakow, Poland. Best practices on urban regeneration projects and the communities that care methodology were discussed here. In Vantaa, Finland a conference was held on physical regeneration and image (June 2007). Best practices related to this theme were presented during the conference. The topic of the KN meeting in Sénart, France (September 2007) was 'Citizen Involvement and Participation'. The Almere method of organizing the online questionnaire was presented and benchmarked with the face to face interview campaign chosen by Sénart. Interactive debate between the experts and people from a Sénart's community sector took place. The closing conference in Almere (November 2007) was the final meeting for all the partners to summarise and evaluate the achievements of the project. Participants could engage in workshops and Almere City presented its Political Market, a possibility for citizens to speak with council members about city matters. At the closing conference, the potential continuation of the project has also been discussed.
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  • 2000 - 2006 Interreg IIIC West
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