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Know-how of women learning

The project was created in cooperation of six countries. The non-profit organization from Hungary – as the Coordinator – has worked in cooperation with partners from Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and Sweden. Main goal of the project and also of the partner organizations is to assist gender equality on the labour market and to persuade women for lifelong learning. The partnership's activities under the project aimed at disadvantaged women in developing key competencies and improving job opportunities.Two main target groups of the project: women disadvantaged for age, education, residence, disability or life situations and trainers engaged in the development of disadvantaged women.Main activities of the partnership meetings (mobilities), organized one by each country during the project: presentation of national characteristics of the partners and the profile of the organizations, mapping the needs of the target groups, development of the joint products and planning, coordination and evaluation of project cooperation.The partnership has developed a handbook with 5 modules for skills development of disadvantaged women: learning skills, personal and social skills, ability to digital knowledge, business and entrepreneurial skills and intercultural skills. The handbook contains a methodological guide for trainers and a workbook for trainees in each module, in a unified form.The partners - as a part of their national activity - have performed trainings for their 2 target groups and there was developed the final curriculum content of the handbook then, on the basis of the training experience and feedback.The partnership, joint creation of web page for communication between partners and the experience helped to spread widely. The project generated documents and „The Book” can be found at the "" web site.
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