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Knitting Cultures
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project Knitting Cultures involves 5 partner countries and 25 young people. The idea of the project is inspired by the current social and political situation with the refuges and immigration. More than 4 million Syrian people have left their country because of political reasons until July last year. The impact produced by this migration has been noted in world wide and national aspects. This created the situation fostering Europe leaders to rethink the concept of humanitarian aid and especially the way to tackle issues like tolerance, prejudices, empathy support system and society support. The reaction from the population in the different communities has varied from the first moment. We are witnessing , day after day families, communities, entire countries opening their doors to thousands of refugees who are in need of our open arms in these difficult times. We believe that project "Knitting Cultures" can be a good attempt to get people closer to the multiculturalism and interculturalism, working with refugees. More specifically we define the project objectives are as follows:- to foster multi- and cross-culturally educating young people within their own cultures. - to strengthen qualities like empathy and tolerance.- to sensitize about the hot topic. - to look at the cultural problems around us, and to provide tools to help their resolution.- to provide space to experience and live together and also sharing everyday situations with people from other cultures. - to put into practice the didactic information.Apart from the obvious relation with the objectives of the Erasmus +, we believe that the achievement of our specific goals can contribute also for improving the level of skills and core competencies, in particular through increased mobility opportunities based on learning as well as through strengthened cooperation between the world of education and training, and the labor cooperation. It is for this reason, that Bulgaria is a very good choice to locate the project. It is a bordering country and the refugee issue is very hot topic, but also is a place where cultures meet, intertwine and exchange. The other countries chosen for this cooperation are Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland. Following the main goal of the project we see the adequate combination of these and Bulgaria as relevant place for the realization of the project. For a better immersion, education, and awareness of multiculturalism, and consequently achieve a normalization of the situation where we are currently living.Promoting improvements in the quality, excellence, innovation and internationalization in the youth work. In this moment, it is obvious the need to sensitize the general population. Immigration is on the agenda, for all the European countries. More and more institutions realize the importance of internalization of the aid and, therefore, they are aware of how we need more young people trained and ready to work with these social problems.For all these reasons we believe that we can and should contribute to the mutual understanding and proactive reaction for the possible civil tension, especially while we aim at the youth and adolescent wellbeing and better future.
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