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Kluczowe kompetencje i umiejętności nauczycieli - ocenianie i motywowanie uczniów. "Sześciolatek" na drugim etapie edukacyjnym.
Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main idea for this project is to improve quality of the school work, raise teaching competences of English language teachers in methodology of teaching. First of all, qualified, highly skilled and active teachers who take part in this project are focused on the implementation new regulations of Polish Department of Education and it should cause to enable changes. Nowadays many teachers are faced with difficulties of teaching younger students. This compulsory education of 6 year olds requires new abilities not only from the teachers on the first grade of teaching but also from other teachers e.g. mathematicians on the second grade of teaching need to work with this group of students who should be, in fact, a student in Year 3. The English teachers of Primary Schools meet many changes in the Polish educational system that demand new thinking of teaching. This is a huge difficulty for the teachers with job seniority, accustomed to other, previous typical situations, rigid views, inflexible rules and some essentials of teaching methods. What is not connected to the methodology of the teaching is to enable the teachers to have new possibilities on the local labour market and make them competing employees. The situation of population decline in Podlaskie voivodeship indicates that many teachers and educators were laid off in the years 2010-2014. In the years 2007 -2012, 14% of all schools were closed and number of students was reduced by 9,1%. In Podlaskie viovodeship, in the years 2007 – 2012 number of the students was reduced by 15% (over 11 thousand students). In 2013 Podlaskie Voivodeship local government closed 65 primary schools (13,9% out of all schools). In 2013 two hundred and fifty nine schools were closed down including over 150 primary schools (30 schools in Podlaskie voivodeship). Many teachers became the unemployed during last five years and many of them will lose their job. The ability of gaining of European funds, proficiency in English, information-communication techniques and international connections for sure will be helpful in looking for a job in other institutions connected to educational system, museums, foundations, associations, community centers, etc. Furthermore, the main aim is the realization of European Plan of School Development, international working like eTwinning, in cooperation with other schools, mobility of teaching staff, school partnership cooperation. These actions complement each other, develop quality of teaching and attractiveness of the institution. The next objective is to implement innovative projects and teachers’ activities. Innovation of this project results from commitment of many teachers, not only English teachers that has been done so far. The participants of this project will be managerial staff, foreign language teachers and teachers on the first level of learning, other teachers chosen according to regulations prepared by a project team with the cooperation of managerial staff. When we have been preparing the regulations we have suggested to live up to individual expectations of the teachers and their commitment to school work. On the other hand, the project is being written with thinking of the teachers who have worked for many years in one place, endangered of occupational disease who do not often take advantage of beneficial didactic base. The participants of the project declared to improve their knowledge about evaluation and motivating students. In 2014-2015 evaluation research showed that not all the teachers use interactive whiteboards, projectors, laptops, a therapeutic classroom, a mobile ICT classroom. The problem is that they seldom take up new activities. The project actions will be focused on the mobility of the teaching staff or actions involved in students, for example: graphic presentations, school competitions, classes for students to use new methods and techniques known during professional training. Moreover, the teachers who will take part in mobility will be presenting acquired knowledge on the self-education teams. They will also organize some conference in the Municipal Centre of Methodological Consultancy in Bialystok. What is the most beneficial, they will share their experience and remarks with other teachers. The results and short- and long term benefits: -increase of students learning motivation, -using innovative assesing methods, -the teachers will use better and appropriate techniques of motivating the students , - the project participants will implement the plan of school project team and will coninue European Plan of School Development - the educators will realize innovations eagerly, - improvement of teacher’s language competences, increase of communication skills, - - to broaden horizons and awareness of teachers through exchange of experience on the european level - improve quality of school work - raise teachers’ chances on the local market -increase ITC competences.

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