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Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Young people (15-20 year olds) indicate that they care about themes such as mobility, sustainability and the future. In Zaragoza and Leuven we make similar analyzes from previous projects. Younger people often show creative, innovative solutions to problems. They do not always have adequate tools and competences, or the right network in order to make this happen. Strengthen them in their communication, and give them access to a larger network is a great need. After a strong recruitment campaign in both countries a diverse group of 12 young people to work in Leuven and 12 young people in Zaragoza. In both countries a project will run to strengthen their own development, to test out good examples, to exchange with eachother. So we can give the necessary skills to young people to take part as social influencer. Both organisations want to learn from each other and ensure that participants meet. Leuven: The young "climate ambassadors" investigate in various creative ways that the city, businesses, themselves, other young people, schools, families or groups can do to sustainable environment to live and work, to move, to live. They work in pairs around chosen themes. They do research, set up an activity, or test somethings out. Investigated for each item, activity or theme follows a specific media approach, so the theme is widely known by young people for young people. By showing what they are doing, they inspire other young people to think or take action around sustainability / climate-friendly live action. The project concludes with policy recommendations to city, their schools, their youth associations, and tips and tricks for other young people and their parents. Of all created media products the following year follows an exhibition in schools. To tackle this process well we start with a weekend of team building, training on environmental and climate aspects (experts) and upon communication (knowledge of media channels (radio, video, print) and get a basic set of tips and tricks along and end the weekend with a large brainstorming session for challenges the ambassadors will decide that they want to enter. The next 12 months, they will work on the 12 challenges. From then every challenge, gets one communication channel assigned. We work together with local partners: Radio Scorpio, ROBTV, Rondom and mijnLeuven magazine. The track ends with a big closing event where the 12 climate ambassadors their experiences published in the form of policy recommendations. These recommendations focus on broad everything to do with the world of youth viz. Town, school, youth, family, ... in Zaragoza At least four educational weekends are organized with a good mix on education (content to get into the climate theme and to raise awareness on the climate debate) and also practical workshops related to the theme (like making you own soap). We will set up a mix of team building and personal gain. The weekends will be organised in February (Boodavill), march (Zaragoza) mei (Acumuer) and June (Zaragoza). The young people and organizations communicate broadly about the project in channels who attract youth in Zaragoza. Together: During the project, we are planning an international exchange. At that moment, young people already have experience around the climate issue and are ready for new input and they can learn from each other. The exchange we shall submit to KA1-group exchanges. The collaboration between the two organizations will run online, and will consist of two meetings in where we will talk about the project, our approach and best practices will be exchanged, and we will take a look at the future. We will check whether a new network on youth and sustainability at European level is desirable and feasible. We consciously work with a "youthwork approach” to provide: - Sufficient freedom, participation and involvement in the development of the project for the young people; - A counselor who always is there for the young people; - A professionally framed process. In order to reach as many young people we play the "personality cultus" out, and we use a large, broad communication. - Participants will become “young Climate Ambassadors” They are the face of this project. - The participants will only be a small segment of the Young people in our citys. Thanks to a large, broad communication other young people to read things, seeing, hearing or feeling with regard to climate change, how it can deal with, as a young person and how your behavior may change, or how policy can respond to this better; At the end of the project we want to make a publication that shows how youth and sustainability can match with each other, for young people, youth workers and other organizations.
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