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Klessheim goes Europe - Europa wir kommen! - Internationale Kommunikation im Tourismus: CLIL und Fremdsprachen als Arbeitssprachen im fachpraktischen und fachtheoretischen Unterricht sowie im fächerübergreifenden Sprachunterricht
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context and Background of the projectKlessheim School and College of Tourism have an international focus. Internationality and competence in modern foreign languages are an integral part of its school development plan. Our school development plan lists internationality, language training and foreign language competence as quality objectives with regard to staff competences. Our 75 teachers teach 600 students aged between 14 and 21 years. In order to implement the above mentioned objectives of our school development plan, we decided to look for a UK-based training institution that teaches the same age range on a comparable level of competence in the field of culinary arts and restaurant skills. After careful consideration and after a long and hard search we were able to find Barking and Dagenham College in London as a project partner. University College London advised and assisted us in this search. Representatives of both institutions have already made contact and met, and now our aim is to build up a long-term co-operation and start VET staff mobility. Our aim is to meet teaching staff and establish contacts for future projects in which we will possibly be able exchange students.Objectives of the projectOur project aim is to establish a co-operation with an educational institution that teaches the same age range on a comparable level of competence in the field of culinary arts and restaurant skills in a country where the target language English is spoken. One aim is to improve our target language competences and our teaching methods and tools in the field of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and our target language English as a language of instruction in culinary arts and restaurant service skills including the social English that goes along with this. The project is also about an exchange of practice and best practice in subject specific content, knowledge and skills in the field of culinary arts and restaurant skills. Since language and culture are intertwined, our project has also cultural and social objectives.Number profile of participants / description of activitiesIn this VET staff mobility 3 teachers of Klessheim School and College of Tourism will be sent for job-shadowing and teaching purposes to Barking and Dagenham College in London.Methodology to be used in carrying out the projectThe project is carried out in co-operation and in close consultation with both institutions’ stakeholders. Concerning methodology, the tools used to carry out the project are a Memorandum of Understanding and Mobility Agreements. For the reflexion of the project results in our team meetings we use among other things the project aims of this application, our project notes as well as our project documentation during the duration of the project.Results and impact envisaged- improved foreign language skills and competences- improved subject-related competences and understanding of practices, strategies and systems in the job field culinary arts and restaurant skills on a European level- enhanced support and assistance in relation to student mobilities (international internships)- deeper understanding for social, linguistic and cultural plurality- deeper understanding of the connections between formal and non-formal education and training, vocational training and job market- improved knowledge and readiness in relation to innovation and internationality in education and trainingResults and impacts envisagedAt local level we expect improved language skills with teaching staff and consequently also with students, as well an expanded repertoire of teaching methods and tools. We also expect enhanced intercultural awareness in relation to internationality and the European dimension with all those involved in our school and college. At a regional level we want to disseminate the knowledge, skills and competences gained by the teachers taking part in this project in teacher training seminars. Klessheim School and College of Tourism will become even more attractive for students. At international level Klessheim School and College will get known in the United Kingdom.Potential longer term benefits- we can cater for our target groups in a more innovative and improved way; this is owing to our VET trainers’ improved qualification, more and more attractive programmes for our learners, improved recognition of skills and competences gained abroad (ECVET),- increased capacity, to act on EU or international level respectively- increased languages skills in foreign language, empowerment to act within ones institution with more commitment in a more modern, more dynamic and more professional way
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