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Klasserommet utenfor landegrensene
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Hersleb high school is an urban school in Oslo located downtown. The school offers general studies and health- and youth studies and has 750 students and 85 teachers. The school has a formal cooperation agreement with the University of Oslo with a special focus on biology and geosciences and a cooperation agreement with Oslo University hospital which includes five hospitals in Oslo. The school’s vision is: The future begins with us. Our values are to be responsible, competent and outward. The school wishes inquisitive students who would like to use their resources and complete their education. The pedagogical work has focus on assessment for learning and the use of varied learning arenas within and outside the school. Learning outside the school expands through internationalization to “the classroom beyond the borders of our country”. Hersleb has in its strategic plan goals about increased activity within internationalization. The goal for the project is both to recruit students for health- and youth studies, reputation management and to give the students an edge in the competition for jobs. The project will create academic motivation and increase the width in educational training. The students must compete to participate after decided criteria, and this will have a positive effect regarding less absence and reduce the risk of quitting school. They will develop independency and maturity through taking choices and mastering new situations. They will experience respect for other countries’ vocational training and see forces about their own education. The meeting between participants in the project creates new networks where leaders, teachers and students get new insight and professional input. Friendship between students across the country borders and meeting with other cultures involves increasing tolerance and equality. It prevents racism and prejudice. Many of the school’s students are minority speakers, and the students have a lot of experience from different languages and cultures, and this is a resource in the international cooperation. Internationalization gives the health- and youth studies more attention and status. Hersleb high school has good experiences with exchange within health- and youth studies including Finland, Spain (Erasmus+) and Germany (Do it!). The academic dividend for the participants has been great both professionally and socially, something the rest of the organization benefits from. Further, internationalization has created new friendships and good cohesion between colleagues which still is safeguarded. The school’s management represented by the headmaster has the main responsibility for the project application, and the department manager for the health- and youth studies is the contact. The department manager has had the main responsibility for internationalization through several years and has participated at many courses directed by SIU. In addition, the operations of the projects are organized by experienced coordinators. The school has built a network which gives the projects a quality assurance and makes them predictable. The projects have developed cooperation across subjects and stages, and new and experienced teachers participate.The project gives work practice and school practice for students within health- and youth studies in all stages. To each project country it will be applied for economic support for 2–6 participants and 1–2 teachers. The teachers will follow up academically and socially. Hersleb high school has an intention agreement with the following partners:City College Brighton & Hove is an educational institution within language and professional subjects which offers a holistic plan with accommodation, language courses and deployment in kindergartens and senior centers. This is a new project partner who contributes to develop the school’s work for internationalization.Fundation Noruega Costa Blanca (FNCB) has long experience with international projects. The school is an educational office submitted to the county of Rogaland and regularly receives apprentices from the health- and youth studies. The school cooperates with hospitals, doctor’s offices and dental offices where the students can be deployed at workplaces. YA Vocational College of Ostrobothnia is a big professional arena with accommodation. Norwegian students will participate in the school’s instruction and have practice in health sciences.Hersleb high school will be active to use the experiences from the project in marketing of the school, on the home page and in social media. The school will spread knowledge to the school’s cooperative partners and the Oslo schools in general in relevant forums. The school’s students will have responsibility in this work regarding recruitment from secondary schools and parent groups.The school’s future plans are to develop international projects within geosciences and biology. The goal is to expand the network for teachers, students, leaders and companies.
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