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Kigali 2011 : Take your Chance, Be the Change!
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

For a new generation of young journalist promoting a culture of peace Kigali 2011 : "Take your chance, Be the change !" has one main aim : to create a Europe Africa network of young people promoting diversity and a culture of peace through the media. To achieve this aim, we want to complete six objectives : to train a group of 24 youngsters from Europe (12) and Africa (12) to raise their awareness of their own stereotypes and prejudices, to raise their awareness of their consequences in society and to raise their awareness of the role played by media in spreading these to the public.In addition, we also want to help them to develop skills to act as multipliers on a local level, to provide them a space to share their own experiences in the media, the youth field work and the non-formal education and to reinforce the existing partnerships between African and European organizations, to stimulate new ones and to sustain long term collaborations.Kigali, a living class roomBy going to Rwanda; listening to survivors telling their stories, bearing witness to the sights of scares, mutilations, amputations, visiting the memorials, coming face-to-face with the recovery of the society, and experiencing the forgiveness philosophy, collectively, will provide a significant and deeply impacting experience.Despite the disturbing nature, every one of these activities is an exceptional opportunity to make participants aware of the impact and the horrifying damage that stereotypes and prejudices can produce in a community. If, for the new generation, the Shoah begins to be a drama from the old time, Rwandan genocide is a very contemporary event, still present in each memory. This is why we think Kigali is probably the best place to go now to do this work, as an opportunity to make participants comprehend the universality of the genocide in Rwanda.For the media, through the mediaThrough this training, we want to impact the field of media due to its contribution in the Rwandan massacre and, more generally, recognising the media's scope for changing attitudes in society. Due to the further technological advancements and the readiness of new media instruments, we will maximise the use of ICT and video to multiply, disseminate and share the expected results. These being : 24 young or future journalists more aware of their prejudices, a European-African network connected by an official website, a weblog made by participants, a DVD with 6 pedagogical short documentaries which is going to be spread in more than 16 countries,...
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