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Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Jan 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our Project happened as Youth exchange for 9 days between the dates 5-13 May 2015 with 30 young participants and 7 youth leaders from 6 another countries ( Italy, Spain, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Croatia and Turkey ) about Children Rights and Child Labour. The profile of the participants was the young people who have ever been in abroad and who would like to gain competences and skills about children rights and child labour topics. With the project which we implemented, We aimed to raise awareness about child labour, informing young people with undertaking the child labour topic, discussing the current situation about child labour in EU and Turkey and trying to find solutions for these situations. During discussing the child labour topic, we emphasized the children rights topic for developing the skills of young people about children rights. Meanwhile, we also worked on fighting against to poverty and the participants gained knowledge about current situation of the EU and their politics about fighting against to poverty. The aims of our project are, - Raise an awareness about child labour -Informing young people about the current situation of EU about child labour with discussing the issues in EU and EU Candidate Countries - Informing young people about Children Rights and Children Rights Convention - Developing the skills and competences of youth workers and youth leaders who are working with children - Informing the participants about the laws and policies about the childrens - Raising the participation to education systems for the children for seizing the European Citizenship - Raising the visibility of the youth who could not participate the education systems and also labour cause of early drop-offs. With the activity we implemented, participants gained knowledge about children rights and child labour and also gained skills and competences about these topics. In addition to that, the activities which are carried by our participants with the support of their sending organizations, inform the young people also children about children rights and child labour. The potential benefits of that project are, raising the awareness about Child Labour and Children Rights, raising the visibility of children, prevent the child workers in the society and developing more projects about the children rights and child labour and also make young people sensitive about the child labour and fighting child labour.

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