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Kick off to entrepreneurship with pop up company
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT Appreciation of entrepreneurship in education does not only mean that vocational schools should educate future entrepreneurs. It is very important to educate entrepreneurial skills and attitude to vocational students in order to succeed also in general working life. Young vocational students fulfill many of entrepreneurial characteristics, but still there are lot to do to encourage young professionals to start new companies and succeed with them. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT The main objectives of the project are: 1) To create a new international, inspiring, practical and encouraging pedagogical model to learn entrepreneurship in vocational education 2) Students will learn entrepreneurship by establishing international pop up restaurant 3) Increase the knowhow of culinary and food culture between different European cultures As a broader objective this project will impact the unemployment rate by creating a new inspiring international pedagogical model which encourages students to work or become entrepreneurs. While achieving the main objectives we permanently aim to: a. increase the cooperation of schools and students who have different main subject of studies in order to enable their future cooperation in business opportunities b. to increase the international cooperation of business and schools in order to let students to learn entrepreneurial skills and behavior from business professionals in business environment and enable business professional to get future employees from different countries c. to enable restaurant entrepreneurs from different countries to start new cooperation with each other in order to develop their skills and knowledge. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS In this project participating vocational schools represent fields of business studies (Helmi, Mercuria (Finland), Badalona (Spain) and restaurant services (Perho (Finland), Bardolino (Italy), Riga (Latvia). Also one restaurant entrepreneur from each country participates the project. DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES AND METHODOLOGY In this project we will establish pop up restaurant (open 2 days) in Helsinki Finland, Riga Latvia, Bardolino Italy and Badalona Spain. In addition to three restaurant services schools Perho, Bardolino, Riga, also three business schools Helmi, Mercuria, Badalona and restaurant entrepreneurs from all participating cities participate in this project. Workshops start in Helsinki, Finland where students will establish a pop up restaurant during project week (Workshop 1). Cuisine will be Italian-Latvian-Spanish-Finnish specialities made by cook students and restaurant entrepreneurs from all participating countries and served by waiter students. Pop up restaurant will be marketed by business students of participating countries. This same concept will be done in Spain (Workshop 2), Latvia (Workshop 3) and Italy (Workshop 4). Students with guidance of restaurant entrepreneurs and teachers will do a) planning b) establishing c) marketing d) selling e) evaluating of four pop up restaurants in four countries during this project. During the project we will create a new international, inspiring, practical and encouraging pedagogical model to learn entrepreneurship in vocational education. Participants/mobilities: Each workshop: 5 students and 2 teachers from each school & 1 restaurant entrepreneur/country (in total in each work shop: 30 students, 12 teachers and 4 restaurant entrepreneurs). Also one project meeting included. DESCRIPTION OF THE RESULTS, ENVISAGED IMPACTS AND POTENTIAL LONGER TERM BENEFITS Tangible results 1. NEW INTERNATIONAL POP UP CURRICULUM MODEL TO STUDY ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2. POP UP COMPANIES WILL BE ESTABLISHED - STUDENTS WILL BE ENTREPRENEURS Direct impacts to students, teachers, company representatives, administrators, restaurant customers, partner schools. Intangible results 3. INCREASE KNOWHOW OF CULINARY AND FOOD CULTURE BETWEEN DIFFERENT EUROPEAN CULTURES (direct impact to all participants) 4. INCREASE NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION OF SCHOOLS AND STUDENTS WHO HAVE DIFFERENT MAIN SUBJECT OF STUDIES (Direct impact to students) 5. INCREASE THE INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION OF BUSINESS AND SCHOOLS (direct impact to students, teachers, schools, company representatives) 6. TO ENABLE RESTAURANT ENTREPRENEURS FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES TO START NEW COOPERATION WITH EACH OTHER (direct impact on company representatives) 7. VET TEACHERS WILL LEARN NEW SKILLS (direct impact on teachers) 8. AS A BROADER OBJECTIVE THIS PROJECT WILL IMPACT THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE (direct impact on students) In this project young people will be inspired and encouraged to show their entrepreneurial skills and test what it is like to be entrepreneur. As longer term benefit students participating this project will be more willing to be entrepreneurs as they have positive experience on it.
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