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Keywords for Language Learning for Young and adults alike
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

This project aims at developing language learning word cards with a language's most frequent words corresponding to the European Framework. It will be developed for nine languages important for trade and associated countries, both LWUTL (Swedish, Norwegian, Greek, Polish) and MWUTL (Arabic, English, Chinese, Russian and Italian), as a complementary learning material. Word cards are "focused, efficient and certain”(Nation) because they stimulate the necessary mental effort required. A native word is on one side of the card and the target word on the other. Before turning the card over, you are stimulated to think. It is then, when you think, that you learn. Research shows that you can learn 30-100 words in an hour which is far more efficient than conventional learning methods. The most frequent words will be developed in cooperation with lexical computational centers in each language's country. The project will refine existing frequency lists and adapt them to the Framework. "If you know the most frequent 1,500 words in a language, then you understand 75 percent of a normal text."(Nation)."an immediate priority…crucial for learners to master these high-frequency words”(Schmitt).The project allocates words to both the Framework's 6 levels and to KELLY thematic classification in 15 subject categories (Food & Drink, Nature & Animals, etc). Visualized schematically in KELLY Syllabus, it allows teachers to deal with words systematically. Corresponding to all 6 framework levels, the project ensures target group flexibility. Young and adults, beginners to advanced alike, can easily set clear aims, plan studies accordingly and control one's progress."The pedagogical advantage is that it focuses the attention on the tasks to come, enhancing motivation”(Nunan).The project will be evaluated while in use by students in upper secondary schools and adult education. Results will be promoted on a webpage, in media and at conference/seminars.
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