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KeyShop - a new culture of learning

KeyShop is promoting lifelong learning for the older worker. The project is designed tobe a meeting point for all people and especially for elderly people. It is a learning spacewhere self- organized learning and key skills are learned, cross-curricular competenceis offered and a foundation for a new culture of learning. KeyShop advocates theindividual and holistic approach, which improves individual learning and performance,for work and life in general. The philosophy is old, but still innovative: help, to self help.KeyShop aims to be in an attractive learning space (different to school learningenvironments) where the learner can receive information, advice, learning, trainingcourses and coaching. The overall aim of the KeyShop project is: Learning with fun.To implement the new culture of learning concept competent staff is required with theadequate but complementary skills and attitudes. KeyShop aims to improve the role andskills of trainers and to this end the project will develop and pilot a training programmefor KeyShop coaches. It will offer new training approaches, coaching experiences,strategies, networking and motivation for disseminating a New Culture of learning. Thepoject will offer a virtual KeyShop as a learning platform for all learners and a networklinking the growing KeyShop community. Within the local and regional networks theproject targets cooperation with new partners to start a second generation of KeyShops.
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