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Keys to Inclusion
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Nov 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

On various occasions we have noticed that young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, that are institutionalized, have a disability or a mental illness tend to be treated only as a clinical case and have a solution prepared for them. These young people tend to have bleak future prospectives and are sometimes not even allowed to dream, have a vision or shape their own future. During the past training course and also from other communication between the partners, it transpired that we need to create awareness about this issue and at the same time as youth leaders and youth workers we need to be equipped with more skills and knowledge to be able to support our young people to plan their lives. For this reason, we wanted to build a project which focused on person centred planning where the issue revolving around the young people is discussed with the young persons themselves and a way forward is planned with them and not for them. Through this training course which will take place in Tarxien, Malta between the 24 - 30 October 2016 and will host 48 participants coming from Malta, Spain, Romania and Latvia we will be addressing the needs of the young people we work with in helping them be the centre of the planning process and to provide them with better opportunities to be included within society. We will do this by equipping with more skills and knowledge the youth workers and youth leaders that work with them. This will be done through the provision of specialised training by Inclusive Solutions who are experienced trainers in this area. The training course will focus on training youth workers and youth leaders to facilitate Person-Centred Planning. This will also provide the participants with coaching skills which are very important elements for the young people we work with. This person centred planning will be carried out through creative planning tools; MAPS and PATH. These utilise graphic facilitation to collect information and develop positive future plans thus making them ideal tools for this type of planning. MAPS and PATH draw on the people’s ability to visualise different futures and to plan for these using the focus person’s unique gifts, strengths, interest and capacities. Thus, throughout this training course non-formal methods of educations will be used such team-building activities, workshops, hands-on practice, simulation exercises and group discussions. In particular, the participants will; – understand how person centred planning naturally captures young people’s strengths and capacities in that it focuses on the young person as an individual – lead the way to meaningful consultation and participation with young people (particularly for those who cannot make their views known in typical ways) – increase their understanding of the process and graphic facilitation in person centred work - understand how to tailor-make the support to the needs of the young person - get to know how to deliver an outcome-focused and coordinated plan for the young people.The project will impact directly the youth leaders, youth workers and the young people with whom they work since the participants will be equipped with new and better skills and knowledge. The other members of the participating organisations and other organisations will also be positively impacted since as part of the project, the participants will have to carry out one of the tools acquired with the young people they work with. All these measures also ensure that this project has a long-term benefit since if the young people have an effective support system they would have better opportunities and they will not be in the risk of poverty or of being socially excluded. We also aim to disseminate the outcomes of this training course using our website and those of the partner organisations and also by preparing a press release and disseminating it to all local newspapers and also encouraging our partner organisations to prepare and disseminate their own press releases.
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