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Key words in the European year for combating poverty and social exclusion: Participation in the fight, Integration of each individual, Commitment by all actors, Active citizenship, Responsibilities sharing, equal Opportunities for all.

The main aim of this project is to draw students’ attention to poverty and social exclusion in Europe and to change their possible preconceived mentalities and wrong behaviours. Poverty is often associated with developing countries where lack of food and drinking water represent a great challenge for daily survival. But poverty and social exclusion affect approx.a 18% of European citizens that are not able to afford the basics. There are not miraculous solutions to get rid of poverty and social exclusion, but since 2010 is the European year for combating them, it is important that teachers and students reflect on such matter to renew their commitment to solidarity, social justice and total integration. This project will particularly stress the social and democratic values that the school subject Education for Citizenship wants to promote. So starting from their own experiences, the young learners will share their perceptions about the existence and the causes of poverty, then they will analise and compare the attitudes towards homeless and social excluded people in different countries and finally they will study and compare different social care systems. They will be able to study how countries – above all Spain and Italy - have legislated on this matter through the years. Besides they will focus their attention on ONU and the different n.g.o.s that combate these problems.The students will concentrate also on some literary texts as for example Lazarillo de Tormes, the picaro p.e., Cuore and Oliver Twist in order to eliminate commonplaces and prejudices referring to poverty and social exclusion, very often related to the frequent problem of bullying at school.The project will be developed according to the CLIL methodology.
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