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Key Competences for School Sustainability
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

KeyComps project is dealing with up-to-date topic of sustainable development in school environment elaborating the problems of environment, culture, economics, social diversity, institution. It corresponds with today´s world main challenges which are employability, economic stability and growth, active participation in democratic life trying to involve them into everyday school activities. The project consider development of students´ and teachers´ key competences the substantial pillar of the school existence. The project will last 3 years and its main objectives are: - develop basic and transversal skills such as entrepreneurship, foreign language and digital skills - support innovative approaches in education, transfer of best practices into own curricula - widen the capacity of the partner schools in the area of strategic development, management, quality of education offer connected closely with the world of work - strengthen the cooperation between schools and local community - support teaching and learning languages, a wide European language diversity, develop multicultural awareness. Geographically and culturally mixed partnership consists of 10 schools with rich experience and strong project capability. The partner countries are Germany, Poland, Italy (2 schools), Portugal, Hungary, Spain, Slovenia, Turkey. Participants of the project are students, teachers, managers of elementary and secondary schools. The project counts on 6 transnational project meetings with the students and employees from partner schools. Main activities to achieve the project objectives will be study and collecting of relevant data from literature, internet, development of training materials, questionnaire research in the field, data processing and evaluation, organisation of transnational project meetings, creating students´ presentations, interviews and chats, creative workshops to develop key competences, organising lectures/seminars for teachers, cultural excursions. The project brings an European added value and benefits to participants in different levels: a) local, regional, national level: development of students´, teachers´ and school managers´ key competences, cooperation within international teams, transfer of best practices and innovations into school curricula, improvement of the school position in the competitive environment; b) European/international level: widening of partner institutions´ transnational capability, support of European dimension in education, widening the partner network, increasing of intercultural awareness and European citizenship, promoting the European Community in the context of European vision of personal responsibility and competences, meeting the priorities of Erasmus+ Programme. The project results will be accessible and used by the students, teachers, managers of the partner schools: - in school management and marketing (innovations of school curricula, development of cooperative atmosphere among teachers, planning of further teachers´ training, improving interaction teacher-student) - in education process (foreign languages, ICT, geography, history, civic education, ecology, sciences – mathematics, physics, chemistry, vocational subjects) - on national and transnational level the project results can be used by interested persons through the EST database.
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