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Start date: Dec 31, 2009, End date: Dec 30, 2010 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The two towns are committed to strengthen cross-border relationships, to usefruit geographic proximity, and the synergies of co-operation. Despite the traditionally close and good relationship of the two towns, the actual channels for the need-identification, and the collaboration of institutions, entities or NGOs are missing.Establishing these channels is inevitable for the everyday operation, for sharing best practices and to create common projects. The EU membership, the Schengen borders not only facilitate, but also render obligatory cooperation. The institutional channels are formed in the course of a moderated process, known as ?Future Search Conferences?. All possible and relevant partners (NGOs, institutions, social and economic actors, representatives of vulnerable social groups, etc.) should be addressed and invited to the conferences; their views and opinions should represent as wide as possible community. ?Future Search Conference? is considered a best practice, both in the European Union, and in Hungary. It is a bottom-up programming method, and holds partnership an asset and a resource. The Future Search Conferences foresee an interactive dialogue and the elaboration of long-term strategies, business or community co-operation and also the opportunity to outline common projects. The actors of different areas (there are 20 thematic groups), in small, moderated seminars express their views, identify their needs, assess the possibilities of co-operation and by consensus, establish the development areas. These areas are prioritised and numerous projects are determined. The stable relationships and common projects guarantee the sustainability. Achievements: The aim of the project was to organize a series of professional consultations - Workshops for the future as a new interactive communication platform for the professional, civil, interest and economic organizations and institutions of both cities in order to encourage debate and cooperation in different fields of common development work. This interactive dialogue brought together professional actors from different social, economic, cultural and scientific areas from both sides of the border and based on the common interest, encouraged them to jointly formulate project ideas allowing for innovation and cooperation between the participants. In each thematic block at least 5 new project ideas were identified and altogether 80-100 concrete project proposals and development plans reflecting the needs of all represented areas, were created.

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