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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Superior talented individuals who direct communities and accelerating development and change with their leadership characteristics,motivations,determinations,quick thinking, creative-problem solving capabilities. This big potential ‘s diagnosis and educational orientation is related with the mission of Küçükçekmece Guidance and Research Centre as another guidance and research centers. According to academic studies, 2% of the population is highly gifted. If we consider approximately 750.000 population of Küçükçekmece district, the need for this project is increasing. The EU’s development strategy EU 2020, Prime Ministry Circular No:16/2009 prepared by Ministry of Education and ‘Gifted Individuals Strategy and implementation plan 2013-2017 qualified human resources training is emphasized.The above mentioned legislation and according to the results of our strategic plan SWOT Analysis given in the gifted individuals in our field of routing process and open to development of educational diagnostics as the basis of our project has created. The target audience of our project are gifted individuals,their families, teachers and administrators. The purpose of our project; the staff worked at our institute is getting modern and up to date approach, international education to increase the quality of gifted individuals discovered at an early age ,capacity development support, family and teachers education with knowledge and skills. For this election commission, in the light of the criterion established by the project team has occured by 11 people who are volunteers. The project team members have responsibility of task, high learning motivation,cooperative and they are interested with talented individuals education. The scope of the Project, 1 course/ training on the job observation under 2 main activities 1, 3 will take place at the stream. Our host ınstitutions are designed as Spain, Portugal and Croatia. The selection of the host institutions; with the highly talented individuals from each other and our country is different from applications that work on the topic had been included in the system is a holistic approach to all stakeholders are taken into account. Mobility activities will be completed in the first period, the second period, training and dissemination activities will be made. First of all, there will be a sharing of knowledge and experience in the on-premises training. Training will be given to school guidance teachers and class teachers who form the first step in directing and differ for diagnostics. Thus, all stakeholders in education and training highly talented individuals the knowledge and skills to handle routing process by developing a healthier way and within the education system and the disappearance of the gifted individual is avoided. Families will be educated in order to have more active role about features and education of gifted individuals. Project outputs will be used in order to create social awareness by using written and visual media. Besides, dissemination work will be done by sharing of short videos which will be prepared, distribution of brochures after educational meetings and conferences, publishing all of them on the our websites and magazines, posting of reports to other schools in our district and, delivering of beneficial practices and project activity reports to their Research Centers in our region. Discovery of education practices and measuring tools in diagnosis process of gifted individuals by project applications will be ensured to participants in the international arena. Our own innovative approaches to this post in the activities of the diagnostic process will be transferred and institution capacity development will be supported. By on-the-job observation and training associated, the gifted individuals through all stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, counselors/psychologists, non-governmental organizations and training/consulting centers) is included in the examination system of the opportunity will be created in our country and implemented methods and techniques to be followed in place of and acquisition of information about the implementation process through the creation of the area of application of the new approaches will create the basis for our institution. Another benefit of the project is to provide cross-cultural interaction. The partnership will be held through cultural studies culture-sensitive shares, will contribute to the development of consultancy skills.

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