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Keliaukime su Odisėju (Travel with Odyss)
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

These youth exchanges are intended for young people with disabilities. Most often people with disabilities are seen as passive recipients of services or consumers. We talk a lot of and very loudly loudly about equal opportunities, but often it remains only talking and the reality is quite different. Even if I ask when the last time you saw a disabled person in theater, your answer will be "hmmmm ...". Maybe you'll remember that you saw one looking some performance, but really not on the stage as an actor. It is common that the theater scene must give the beauty. There comes the question - what can person with a disability do on the scene? Therefore, the aim of this project - the theater therapy helps break stereotypes about disability and people with it, it helps to encourage young people's with a disability awareness and active involvement in society, it helps to improve social and professional skills of disabled people. We also want to educate people with disabilities (this naturally means fewer opportunities) - we want to increase awareness of other cultures, to wide their language's abilities, to teach them about different traditions, customs, to improve their autonomy over decision-making,expression of their own opinion. Finally, with the help of these youth exchange we seek to liberate people's creativity and to show that a person with a disability can do the same thing as a "normal" person. In these youth exchange will take part three countries - Lithuania, Poland and Germany. It is planned that from each country there will be six young people with disabilities, 3 assistants and 1 leader. From Poland we'll have one very experienced theater directos M. Stanowski. M.Stanowski has already more than 20 years experience at work with disabled people in the field of theater: he's preparing a variety of training courses for volunteers and staff, working with his own theater group, organizing theater festivals in Poland and other countries. With these partners we are cooperating already several years. We have implemented a number of projects together about theater therapy - youth exchanges and training seminars for staff and volunteers. In these youth exchange it will be used different theatrical games and exercises. At the beginning we'll use team building and ice-breaking games. It will also be used a lot of non-verbal communication exercises and games to help young people with disabilities more easily communicate with each other. For project coordination, travel, accommodation and food will be responsible the project coordinator. She will stay in touch with all partners, confirm their travel times, organize accommodation and meals, depending on the needs of the participants. It is planned that at the end we'll create the theater performance about Odysseus' trip, which will be shown for the local community. It is expected that this project will bring personal benefit for participants - young people with disabilities. We hope that this will contribute to their personal and professional development. It is also planned that the show will be filmed and this material will be used for educational purposes. It is also planned that the material will be used selectively in international theater festivals (hoping to take part in them). It is also planned that this material will be shown in the theater and music academy in Lithuania for the students by offering to link their future with the actors who have disabilities (inviting them to come and build performances with disabled people).

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