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Keeping Fit in Later Life
Start date: Dec 1, 2010,

An ageing population is a huge problem for the whole of European society. People over 50 need to remain fit and active, both physically and mentally, to stay in the labour market for a longer period and maintain quality of life. Maintaining health and activity in later life can be achieved by increasing mental, social and physical activity, as well as by proper nutrition. Of these, the KIFLI (Keeping Fit in Later Life) project addresses physical activity and the LLL Grundtvig priority "Teaching and learning in later life; inter-generational and family learning." The project is aimed to those elderly people who are willing to preserve their health and activity and trainers who can help older people to reach these objectives. By applying a constructivist pedagogical strategy, the project aims to build upon the previous experiences and knowledge of the elderly of physical activities, and let them define their own criteria, interest and manner of learning new sports. With the help of expert facilitators, older people will: -identify their present capabilities and needs in doing physical activities -learn about methods of testing their physical condition and getting started in a controlled way-get motivated to be engaged in regular physical activities -learn new types of movements -be engaged in social networking both locally and at a European level-explore new ways of learning by the use of sport (Priority 5) The outcomes of the project will include: 1,leaflet2,guidelines on training principles for the elderly 3,website with web 2.0 platform4,online training material with 4 modules, online fitness test, and videos5,printed handbook for professionals and trainers6,final conferenceOutcomes 1-5 will be available in 5 languages. The activities will involve 50 older people per country directly, 300 of the target collective per country indirectly and, through the online applications, it is envisaged to reach about 6000 people Europe-wide.
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