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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Saving habit is most important part of our life. This is known as financial discipline or financial literacy. If you look at our earlier generations lifestyle, savings are very closely associated with their daily life. They had considered savings as the most important aspect of life and it helps them when they reach the old age. However, with the modern economics and globalization, young generation is forced to spend more money for their daily life and one cannot control them self if the environment itself promoting the lavish life. Child learn from examples. If you team them something, you have to follow the process. Otherwise you will set a bad example for them, your teaching won’t be effective. If you follow what you are preaching them, they will follow you without any hesitation. It is not only for the finance, all other things they feel parents and teachers have to be an example. So our project includes not only parents education but also teachers on financial literacy. In order to make our pupils, parents and teachers for financially literate we will organise some activities like: -Creating a Facebook group and the website of the project -Creating a moneybox -Drama, hands on and class activities with parents and teachers, group games, interactive trainings -Entrepreneurship fair -Teaching where money comes from and different currency units -Planting trees -A visit to a local bank -Sharing activities and organizing company for help -Exchange of good practises -Preparing pocket money diary -Visits to supermarket, grocery, market, etc. -Preparing the poster of the Project -Family, teacher and pupil workshops on financial literacy -Making a wish tree and paintings -financial fairytales -computer based applications, modules, virtual bank, computer games, digital quizzes, multimedia posters, memory games, videos, etc. With all of these activities we would like to make our target groups gain good saving and spending money and sharing habits. In order to make this known by more people we will organise workshops including modules on how to be financially literate and how to teach our pupils and children to be financially literate.
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