Archive of European Projects

Kecejme do toho 4
Start date: 01 Aug 2013,

Project Kecejme do toho 4 (Have Your Say 4) is focusing on strenghtening of Youth participation in the civic and political life of the Czech Republic and the European Union. Project composes of three basic pillars. Firstly it realizes and coordinates the EU Structured dialogue with Youth on national level, especially the national EU Structured dialogue Youth consultations. Secondly it helps young people to use the platform of national youth working groups on important national and european topics of young people in the society which are actively participating on the social and political life of the Czech Republic, especially Czech Republic´s Youth Policy and relavant Youth targeting policies. Thirdly it is focused on promoting youth topics and participation in the elections in year 2014 (forseen European Parliament election and Czech national Parliament House of Representatives election). In the third pillar focused on the election it includes communication with political parties and analyzes of their election manifestos from the point of view of young people. One of the highlights of the project is the final national conference with politicians and stakeholders on the outcomes of all three pillars. Third pillar is cooperating within the paneuropean Youth platform European League of Young Voters coordinated by the European Youth Forum.
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