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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The increase in the metal and machine sector in parallel with developments in production industry emphasizes the welder need in Turkey. Erdoğan Çiçekçi, Director of Board of Directors of Aegean Region Chamber of Industry stressed the importance of qualified labor force who has knowledge, skills and experience and will realize high efficiency in the development of countries in the meeting for ‘Reasons of Shortage to Meet he Demands and Solution Offers in Welding Profession’. Çiçekçi stated in the same meeting that the problem of Turkey is not the unemployment but lack of profession, industrialists suffer from lack of qualified staff, it is not possible for any qualified person to be unemployed and the training will be the solution for these problems and all industrialists are in the same idea in these subjects. Kadri Kabak, Provincial Directorate of İzmir Labor and Employment Agency, stated in the same meeting that welder is one of the major professions sought for, there were 2068 vacant job in welding field in 2013 and the 1103 demands of 257 firms were not met. Ramazan Balıkçı, Director of Metal plant, explained in reportage that welding sector if separated into branches such as aluminum, gas metal arc, argon, arc, electric, etc and İŞKUR should consider these demands. Balıkçı stated that ‘There is a difference between general welder and specialist welder. It is mostly theoretical knowledge given in the training institutions but it should be combined with applied training. If the trainees may be trained according to the demand, such as aluminum welding, argon welding, etc, with a training program organized by İŞKUR, these welders will be satisfied in terms of wage and the employers will get efficiency from these welders. We are all responsible for this purpose’. In this frame, it can be said that the specialization of welders in a certain field and requirement of increase of qualifications of welders are the common opinions of the relevant decision makers and businessmen. Çoğulhan Multi-Program High School can experience this determination through Afşin-Elbistan Thermal Power Station in the district as the biggest thermal power plant of Turkey. Based on above mentioned reasons, the School decided to implement this WELDING TRAINING in EUROPEAN STANDRDS Project to promote and train the member of profession to achieve the required qualifications by getting into a partnership with Muş Vocational and Technical Anatolia High School and Cizre Vocational and Technical Anatolia High School. Total 72 participants, as 24 participants from each consortium member, will be trained in Tıg Welding, Gas Arc Welding and Arc Welding subjects for 2 weeks in Kaesz Gyula Faipari Szakközépiskola in Hungary and in Colegiul TehnicIon Creanga in Romania. The participants will learn welding in European standards as a result of these trainings. Welders will use their skills and knowledge to issue EN 287-1 certificate determining European standards and their employment chance will increase. The Project will be useful for participants for vocational competency, positively affect the personal development of participants and make contribution to the improvement of education system of consortium member schools. Language, cultural and pedagogical trainings will be given for participants to be sophisticated individuals in the scope of the Project. Project committee will be responsible for organization of Project and it will be experienced in Project implementation, team activity, coordination and budget management, etc and adapt the education and training methods and techniques of host institutions to their institutions to increase the quality of education given by these schools. The extensification activities will be implemented for sustainability of of Project outputs and the content of the Project will be increased.

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