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Κατάρτιση Προσωπικού σε Καινοτόμες Μεθοδολογίες για ένα Σύγχρονο Ελληνικό Σχολείο
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of the present Mobility Project was the training of two teachers from 2nd Gymnasio Chalkidonas in separate seminars.These seminars, whose themes are in accordance with the European Development Plan of the school, included training in the following areas:- Digital Literacy in the Collaborative Classroom - Use of modern technology for collaborative teaching and learning.- “ICT for Collaborative, Project-Based, Teaching and Learning”.Both seminars had a duration of 8 days (7 days of training and 1 day of return trip), and though they did include theory, they mainly focused on practical exercises and practice.The education professionals who have participated in the seminars have thorough experience in education, an excellent command of the English language, and have demonstrated determined commitment to the application of innovative and productive approaches to education. Through this educational program, the participants have developed the following skills:– Development of multimedia objects.– Planning and implementation of successful eTwinning programs.– Use of ICT for the processing of picture and sound.– Comprehension of the theory and application of podcast and animation technologies in education.– Incorporation in a practical manner of ICT in current lessons.– Enrichment of knowledge pertaining to new methodologies.– Use of the experiential teaching method in the educational process.– Development of activities aimed at the growth of mental skills and personal abilities of the students– Practical incorporation of the experiential teaching method in current lessons.– Application of modern teaching approaches.– Research of various tools and sources for the enhancement of lesson materials.– Ability to transfer knowledge to other teachers and/or students with regards to the use of said tools and methodologies, and the ability to provide advising for their use inside and outside the classroom.– Introduction of modern ways to inspire and encourage creative thought in both students and teachers.– Better communication, exchange of ideas and recommended approaches to education, and a general promotion of cooperation with foreign education professionals.– Improvement of the command of the English language.In the context of the project, the Hosting Institutes have provided the outline of the educational programs, the means of education and the education professionals who have been employed. The sending institute, 2nd Gymnasio Chalkidonas, have contributed with specific requests on the academic goals it seeks to be achieved.The process of assessment and dissemination began upon the return of the participants from the mobility project.The process of dissemination, sharing and passing along the lessons learnt in the mobility project focused on the school (the principal, coworkers and school counselors), on the local community (local schools, students, parents, local education department and greater county education representatives) as well as the National Agency.The expected outcome of this training was to have a clear and positive reflection on a personal as well as on a public and interpersonal level, between teachers and students in the school. This outcome has been reached and positively assessed collectively from the totality of the people who are affected by it.
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