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Κατάρτιση επαγγελματιών στην διαχείριση αναπτυξιακών διαταραχών (αυτισμός, ΔΕΠΥ) σε ενήλικες
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Autism is a severe, lifelong developmental disorder, which prevents the so-called autistic people to correctly understand what they see, hear and feel generally. This results in these individuals have severe problems in social relationships, communication and behavior. The attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most common neurodevelopmental disorder of childhood, which most often persists into adulthood, causing functional burden, severe psychosocial disability and involvement in offending. The provision of services for adults with autism and ADHD in Greece is close to minimum, while according to the literature and research prevelance of individuals with these disorders is growing, and their problems are huge, highly complex and costly to manage effectively. Based on the general knowledge of the needs and priorities of the area and the existing experience of European countries that have begun to develop relevant services for adults, development plan of this type of services is imperative in our country The main objectives are: 1. Transfer of expertise and experience on the establishment and functioning autism services and ADHD Adult in our country 2. The creation of a network of communication and cooperation with European partners, with a view to exchanging ideas and proposals in relation to new methods, actions and approaches to issues of Autism and ADHD Adult and mental health issues in general. 3. Awareness / Update Managers and policymakers in the health sector for the need to develop these types of services 4. Response to the growing needs for treatment and psychosocial rehabilitation of adults with Autism & ADHD 5. The reduction of offending and antisocial behavior of adults belonging to these specific diagnostic categories 6 Reducing the impact on families and on the wider public with the transfer of knowledge and experience from an already highly fuctional network of services. The plan is for three groups of 10 persons each, with total number of 30 participants. Each group will consist of 10 people. The total number of participants is 30 people. The duration of the mobility of each flow will be 8 days (2 days travel and 6 days training) The participants of each group consists of: Psychiatrists, & other medical specialties, mental health professionals, executives of Ministry of Heath / Administrative employees Judges, lawyers and memebers of the association with an intesrest in such issues. Trainees of each flow will be divided into smaller groups. The training program will include: 1st day : Introduction of National Health system services and their interface with private servicesfor adults with Autism and ADHD. 2nd and 3rd Day: Educational visits to Autism & ADHD inpatient services, as well as legal services (by switching the group of trainees who will attend in turn mental health services and Courts) 4th day: Educational visits to Autism & ADHD community services and outpatient clinics. 5th day: Discussion exchange views, concerns, best practices provide further clarifications of information / publications / exchange personal information in order to continue cooperation, 6th day: Cultural events This training requires two additional days fro the flights to and from the Host organisation. The expected results and the overall impact of the project are summarized in the following: a) Transfer of expertise and experience to develop specific services in our country b) Transfer of this expertise from participants to other specialists in our country c) Effective management treatment needs and psychosocial rehabilitation of adults with autism and ADHD d) On going cooperation with European partners in other disciplines The Host organisation proposed has the necessary expertise and experience since it is aprt of well known mental health academic institution and clinical organisation and has developed and successfully facilitates services for adults with autism and ADHD.

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