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Karjeros kelias
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PROJECT’S PARTICIPANTS– graduates of auto-technician, electro-technician, cook-waiter, secretary and small business services provider professions.PROJECT’S DURATION2016 06 01 – 2017 05 31, total 12 months. There will be three internships: to United Kingdom, Malta and Italy. Total number of participants – 24 graduates (8 to each internship).PROJECTS’ PARTNERS:• Aukštadvaris Agricultural School (AŽŪM, coordinator)• Elektrėnai Vocational Training Centre (EPMC)• Kaišiadorys School of Business and Technology (KTVM)• Zarasai Agricultural School (ZŽŪM)• Idea-M (United Kingdom)• IZI Ltd. (Malta)• AMFI Agenzia per la Mobilità e la Formazione Internazionale (Italy)PROJECT’S MAIN GOALDuring the internships provide graduates with possibilities to increase their competitiveness by acquiring real work place experience and specific professional competences.OTHER OBJECTIVES• to educate the following specific professional competences of participants;-for auto-technicians: to be able to maintain chassis and steering systems of right-side steering model cars’ (in United Kingdom)- for electro-technicians: to be able to install electricity installation in areas of higher humidity, its protection against fluctuation of voltage (in Malta)- for cooks-waiters: to be able to make dishes, containing seafood, serve them properly to customers (in Italy); to be able to make breakfast dishes, serve customers during the breakfast (in united Kingdom)- for secretaries: to be able to serve customers in English properly and communicate with international clients, administer company’s social networks (in Malta);- for small business services providers: to be able to organize small business for tourists and recreation, communicate with clients (in Italy)• In real work places improve graduates’ skills and competences, especially taking into consideration their contribution to labour market of today;• Try to achieve better employment opportunities of participants, improve their career prospects;• Try to achieve that real work experience and acquired competences will be acknowledged in whole EU;• To create the environment, where participants could acquire entrepreneurship and initiative skills, self-sufficiency, abilities to work in business and different situations;• To improve participants’ foreign language and communicative skills in foreign environment, team-work abilities, broaden cultural outlook.• To raise the level of participants’ self-confidence and sociability, to educate participants’ awareness and understanding of other cultures, tolerance;EXPECTED PROJECT’S RESULTS• Completed professional training under the internship programs;• Acquired real work experience;• Acquired internship’s evaluation certificates – Europasses, certificates of hosting organizations and project’s coordinator;• Made reports of internships;• Raised level of the participants’ professional competences according to their professional requirements;• In real workplaces improved practical skills of participants giving better integration possibilities into labour markets;• Improved language and communication skills of participants;• Raised level of participants’ self-confidence, initiative skills, entrepreneurship, sociability as well as tolerance and cultural awareness;IMPACTGraduates in real work places will improve their skills and competences, especially taking into consideration their contribution to labour market of today. Real work experience in companies will let participants to gain entrepreneurship skills, will increase their self-sufficiency and abilities to work in any EU country and different business situations.Participants will improve their foreign language skills, team work abilities, raise the level of self-confidence, feel themselves stronger psychologically before entering labour market.Impact for participating organisations:• Raised the level of international collaboration• Improved teaching process because of possibilities to acquire experience in real work places during the internships• Raised the level of collaboration between educational organisations and business• Organisations’ staff will improve their management skills and competencesLong lasting impact for participants will be assured by Europass and other acknowledgement certificates, which will strengthen participants’ diplomas and give better employment opportunities.DISSEMINATIONProject’s dissemination will be addressed to entrepreneurs, youth, local authorities and society of Trakai (Aukštadvaris is situated in Trakai district) Elektrenai, Kaisiadorys, Zarasai and surrounding districts; present and future students of AŽŪM, EPMC, KTVM and ZŽŪM, their parents, teachers and school’s community; potential trainees of hosting organizations.Methods of project’s dissemination: articles in web-pages and regional newspapers, stands and booklets about project, presentations of the internships and consideration of project’s results.

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