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Start date: Oct 3, 2016, End date: Oct 2, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As the school management , teachers and students of Hüdai Vocational and Technical High School ,we try to do our best to increase success level. But we have some disadvantages. For example,our school is far from city centres because of its geographical location and our students are mostly from the families who have low incomes and low life standarts.We have 76 students in Food and Beverage Service department, 12 students in Accomodation and Transport Service department. 30 of these,that is 21% of these students, are mobile education students. This is a big handicap to do training in other places except Sandıklı,so they can’t improve themselves in their own fields. There are 4 thermal hotels in Sandıklı city centre and our students do training in these hotels. These hotels give them limited education ,not enough one.We need this ProjectTo make students see and discover different applications in different platforms,To make them gain Europe awereness about what practical training is/isn’t,how it is done ,To make them have a good job in different hotels in the city after graduation ,To contribute regional development ,To decrease unemployment ,To encourage Vocational High School graduated students being in favoured group ,To gain self confidence to the students who are successful but have low incomes ,To encourage our students to take a university education in their own fields,To enhance our students’ vocational foreign language level,To raise awareness at all Vocational High Schools in Afyonkarahisar sharing the gained knowledge and experience.Preparing this Project we want to stress students the importance of transfering theoretical knowledge learnt at school to practical training and key factor ‘Training Experience’.We mean practical training will broaden our students’ horizons,will change their point of views and will influence all our school after coming back and sharing their knowledge and experiences with other friends.Also activities illustrated during mobilities,creating e-vocation link writing knowledge and experiences and distributing them to Vocational High School in Afyonkarahisar will raise awareness in Afyonkarahisar’s all Vocational High School.This will also change employers’ point of views to Vocational High School graduated students and they will be easily employed.So especially young population won’t be unemployed.Our project’s participant group contains 20 students from Hüdai Vocational and Technical Anatolia High School’s Food and Beverage Service and Accomodation and Transport Service departments and 2 teachers from the school.20 students and 2 companion teachers will do training for 1-month- mobility in June 2017 in Germany. As the only culinary school in Germany ‘Gastronomy School DEHOGA Sachsen-Anhalt Fachakademie’ ‘Trade&Tourism Education Centre UG’and ‘Akademie Hotel’ will meet all the needs of our students and 2 teachers will be allowed to do on-the- job observation.Our students will have an opportunity to do training in DEHOGA(German Hotels and Restaurants Association) ’s hotels,restaurats and kitchen departments and our teachers will have an opportunity to make on-the-job observation.Our students will get both theoretical and practical training in this institution in their field.With this training they will have vocational achievements in service,kitchen,front office and housekeeping departments.Also companion teachers will be experienced about determining training places, business firm selection criterions, communication with business firms, vocational education institutions’curriculum, communication between working place –school-students’ parents-students, duties and applications of coordinatorship which will help teachers while sharing them with other vocational and technical education institutions.Also they will give our students opportunity with one mobility to see and observe different applications in different hotels.Furthermore, this experience will be a great advantage in their CVs when they return while applying a job in a hotel in Sandıklı.We will share our students ’ experiences in local TV channel programmes,training news will be published in local newspaper and websites on the net.So other Vocational High Schools will be more willing to do this kind of Project after ours.Our Project will also meet the needs of the hotels in the region which demand trained staff.And also this Project will have a positive effect on parents who have some doubts about their children’s employment.
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