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Karelian Business Link (KarLink)
Start date: Apr 30, 2005, End date: Dec 30, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A Border Service Centre was created in the earlier Karelia Gateway project where the activities took place in close proximity with companies and were based on their requirements. The project identified a need for developing the general international business expertise of companies. Other areas of need identified included special expertise with respect to business across borders, developing services and products to meet Russian requirements and the necessity of key individuals shared by several companies. This project was to satisfy these needs through business service activities, business environment development operations, and planning for operations after the project. Achievements: A total of 36 companies participated in the project. The support services directed to companies concerned various types of assessments, requests for quotations, quotations, interpretations, translations, contact making and business trip arrangements, legal assistance, business planning, trade fair arrangements, communications regarding changes at Customs, and advice in subcontracting and becoming established. A total of sixteen extensive market research reports and six limited studies were completed for companies. The companies received specific analysis regarding the current market conditions of their industry products in the St. Petersburg and Leningrad areas. The market studies also included action recommendations and contact information for interested partners for possible future follow-up activities. In addition, four general development plans were formulated: Serving Russia Transport and Business Across Borders by Developing the Karelia Logistics Centre, Serving Russia Transport and Business Across Borders by Developing the Karelia Logistics Centre follow-up project, Development Plan for the Niirala Region and Niirala Operational Environment. The Central Karelian municipalities received external, unbiased information regarding the development of the Niirala area, which is one of the most significant projects in the region. Four companies participated in the Managing Myself process, which improved the capabilities of company representatives to engage in trade with Russia and meet Russian customers/business partners. The project was instrumental to the arrangement of five separate training events and seminars: the Trade with Russia seminar, Russia is Developing, What About Niirala? seminar together with Tohmajärvi Municipality, Current Issues in Business in Russia, and the Investment and Subcontracting Opportunities in the Sortavala Region as well as Starting a Company in Finland seminars in Sortavala. As a result of the long-term operational approach of KETI Oy, the awareness of business services related to Russia was spread outside Central Karelia and inquiries were received even from beyond the region. Two functional chains between companies were created as a joint effort by companies: an air conditioning industry chain and a wood-refining chain. Both included four participating companies. Well-functioning cooperation patterns between Finns and Russians were formed particularly in the assembly industry as well as in the administrative offices of the municipalities of Central Karelia and the Sortavala region.
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  • 2000 - 2006 Euregio - Karelia  (FI-RU)
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