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Start date: Sep 3, 2014, End date: Sep 3, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Human health power is the name given to all of the personnel who produce the health service that the society needs at the public or private health sector. Moving from this definition, it is targeted to bring up vocational school of health graduates which is one of the groups which establish the human health power in a way to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes at the required quantity, high quality and which can meet the modern needs of health service appropriate to the rightfulness of the health services to be presented today and in the future. In the direction of these purposes, the Project which we plan to pass into life shall be realized in the coordination of our institute Şalpazarı Ayten Yılmaz Vocational Health School and with the partnerships of Akçaabat Anatolian Vocational Health School and Beşikdüzü Anatolian Vocational Health School at the countries of Romania, Czech Republic and Portugal with the attendance of 60 students and 6 companion teachers in total. Each activity shall last for 2 weeks. The attending students shall be chosen from 11th and 12th class students who are one more step closer to be professionals and a balance between boys and girls shall be searched for. In the context of the project, 3 activities in total shall be organized abroad being 1 from the area of Emergency Medical Technicians and 2 from the area of nurses. The educational content of our project is determined by taking into account the health masthead of our country and the needs and requirements of our students. In this scope, it has been observed that unconscious interventions are applied to the spinal trauma cases which are frequently seen at the accidents that happened in our country at the first-aid stage. The personnel who shall intervene to this trauma which carries vital importance have to be more competent in this area. Our first work flow shall be realized between dates 08.03.2015 – 22.03.2014 to the Romanian CENTRUL FORMATEMP school with a total of 20students, 12 from our institution, 4 from our partner Akçaabat ASML and 5 from Beşikdüzü ASML. Our students shall receive training on “Spinal Traumas” in order to increase their professional capacities and to prevent wrong interventions. When the dead cause statistics in our country is examined, at the first place it appears to be cardiovascular diseases (TÜİK 2012, 39, 6%). There are 2 million cardiac patients in Turkey and each year 70, 80 thousand persons are added to this number. Besides this, we lose on the average 160, 000 persons each year from cardiac diseases. By taking into account the effects of cardiovascular diseases in our country, our second workflow shall be performed to CIMB in Portugal which is a Research and Application Hospital with a total of 20 students. This shall be done between dates 05.04.2015–19.04.2015 with 12 students from our institution and 5 students each from our local partners. Our students shall be given a dense training at the area of Cardiovascular Nursery which is supported by applications with a quality of internship. The treatment of the cancer illness which is the 2nd death cause in our country is a difficult and tiring process for the patient both physically and spiritually. At this stage, the competence of the health personnel carries a great importance. One of the rarest matters which is reached as a consensus in the medicine of cancer is that “cancer medicine can’t be completed without cancer nursery”. Because nurses carry an important role in the care of the patients with cancer. Our 3rd flow shall be made to STEDNI ZDRAVOTNICKA SKOLA school at Czech Republic between dates 04.05.2015 – 18.05.2015 with 12 students from our institution and 4 students each from our local partners which makes a total of 20 students and our students shall receive training on “Health Care techniques in Patients with Cancer”. The importance of applied training is seen at these 3 areas but we don’t have enough technical rooms and equipment at our schools. No sufficient time could be given to our students at our hospitals for them to have applied trainings. In the century we live, the technological developments and the increase of knowledge makes it mandatory for a change and development at healthcare systems and health education. With the education given at the workflows, our students shall have the opportunity to combine their theoretical education with the practical, they shall get to know the technology not existing at our school and increase his/her using capabilities of them, shall be able to make comparisons on the subject of the working style of areas at different countries and shall observe the methods used and the differences between the tools and equipment used and they shall search for the applicability level of these in our country. In this context, our project shall be a good reference source for us.
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