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"Καλλιεργώντας τις αξίες της Ευρώπης σε ένα σχολείο της καινοτομίας"
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the past few years, several factors, mainly relating to certain reforms in Education, crucial problems in the working environment, and urgent economic as well as social problems in the everyday life of several European countries (among which Greece has become prominent) have exercised immense pressure on the Sector of Education to become more demanding in seeking modernisation and in introducing qualitative changes in its methods so as to offer young people the means to deal more creatively and effectively with the new challenges that have arisen, and which were mentioned above. Being members of the staff in an Experimental Senior High School in the city of Thessaloniki, we considered it imperative that we set forth and carry through a strategic plan as a growth pattern for the school community that may include not only our students, but also their families as well as our colleagues. In the above mentioned plan, we have set the following priorities:1) to reinforce the school’s European dimension by promoting the school community’s respect for other European nations, as much as put this Ideal into practice by carrying out cooperative programmes with other European schools and educational institutions in Greece,2) to reinforce antiracist attitudes in the school and in the local community, but at the same time, strengthen the cultural awareness of our students and the utilization of the cultural wealth of our city in their education,3) to practise new student-centred didactics, cooperative and explorative methods of teaching and learning, by enhancing our knowledge of the new technologies, 4) to reinforce the cultivation of a cooperative, tension-free, non-antagonistic spirit among the staff members of the school, 5) to safeguard our ability to deal efficiently and promptly with emergency problems. We hope that we will be able to carry the priorities we have set forth above to their implementation by the participation of seven of the members of the school staff in the European educational actions.As teachers, we need to:-have already developed a European consciousness and faith in the implementation of the European ideal for the creation of a European Continent that truly believes in humanism, education, cooperation, mutual respect among the peoples- display cooperative and innovative spirit during the actions as well as in transmitting knowledge to other colleagues and in incorporating new knowledge in the school life- display high interest in getting in touch with recent developments in the field of education (as, for instance, with the issue of an early abandoning of the school and how to approach this issue effectively) as well as with new teaching methods- have basic knowledge of Web.2 which they will put into practice in the classroom, as well as in the process of educating other colleagues in European or non-European programs- develop self-control, willingness to take responsibility, and readiness in crisis situations- be, finally, competent in English.The actions that will be implemented in the context of this plan, include:- the participation of seven members of the school staff in educational seminars (preparation phase, implementation phase, reflexion phase),- diffusion of the results of the newly acquired knowledge by organizing educational seminars within the school, by writing and publishing articles, by posting project-work and the products of the educational seminars we will attend on the school website, by creating an advisory committee, by informing the students and their parents, and uploading educational material in several social media, -setting into practice the results of the newly acquired knowledge and experience through organizing actions in the school grounds as well as in wider educational circles (European school partnerships, distance learning platforms for students and teachers, innovation and excellence clubs, everyday teaching methods). We expect that the results of this plan are more or less coincidental with its aims: boosting the antiracist and humanitarian profile of education, boosting innovation, utilising the new technologies and new cooperative learning and teaching methods. The final recipient of all the above are, of course, the students themselves. We hope that by being supplied with the cognitive tools to become active European citizens they will be able to take responsibility of their actions, to fight in life, to cooperate, to look for improvisation in the arena of the current state of affairs in the globalized labour market.
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