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Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Sep 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As a Sandıklı Technical and Vocational High School of Girls’management part, students and teachers, we are trying all the ways to improve our school’s success level. However, our school is far away from the city centre and most of our students live in the villages and suburbians areas and they come from poor families because of these reasons their living standarts are low. In our school in food and beverage department 44 girls study and 16 of them that is 37% come to school using legal public transportation. Also all of our students are in the disadvantaged group because of being girls. So being a girl is an obstacle for them to do any training and to improve themselves in their field far away from Sandıklı. In Sandıklı there are 3 thermal hotels and our students do their training education in these hotels but these hotels can help them in their trainings in a limited way. -To see different methods in different ways and places -To teach what a training is or is not -To have them gain European awareness -To have them get a job in hotels in Sandıklı -To help regional development -To help lessing unemployment -To make our students graduate from vocational high schools take part in the desired groups from the hotels -To give self confidence to our succesful but poor students -To enhance the feeling of studying at a university in their own field -To share all the experiences, documents and knowledge gained abroad by reaching all the vocational high schools in Afyonkarahisar via our website e-job link and create an awareness -To enhance our students' vocational foreign language level we need this project. We want to point out how the training is important because at school students learn basic theoric information and practice these information in training sessions. So growing up qualified staff is very important; therefore the KEY factor is training. In this way an abroad experience will change our students awareness, the way they look life and when they come back they exchange their experiences , knowledge they gained and their friends will be affected. Also the photos taken there and the documents prepared for the project will be distributed all the vocational high schools in Afyonkarahisar via e job link and there will be a big awareness among students and schools. Employess attitude to our students will change and they will find a job easily so our “girl” students will not be unemployed. In our project the target group is 20 students an 2 teachers who are studying and teaching in Sandıklı Technical and Vocational High School of Girls Food and Beverage Department. In the first mobility 10 students and 2 teachers will go to Germany in April 2015 for 21 days And in the second mobility the other 10 students and 2 teachers will go to Portugal in May 2015 for 21 days.The Hoteis Bom Jesus Group ( including 4 hotels) in Portugal and “Trade & Toursim Education Centre UG” “Gastronomy School Dehoga Sachsen-Anhalt Fachakademie” and "Akademie Hotel"in Germany have the restaurants and kitchen departments to help our students needs. Our students will have both theorotical and practical education related with their departments in this education centre. In this training education our students will learn doing service, preparing food and beverage, different types of garnishing, how to service salads, aparatives, beverages, the importance of hygen, work discipline, different types of kitchen words, special cousines, rules of workplace etc. Also our students will have one mobilty but get a big experience and see different types of working styles by working in different hotels at the same time. Also the students will use these experiences in their CVs so it will be easy to get a job when they come back to Turkey. Our students wiil share their experiences in the tv channels in our region so other vocational school students will be encouraged to participate in such kind of projects. This project will be in favour of the hotels which are trying to find qualified staff. Moreover, it will provide positive effects for the families who have some doubts about their daughters' employment.

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