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Our aim is to produce a European newsletter created and published by pupils on the Internet along with a printed version of the best contributions. The project shall enable the teenagers and teachers of the seven schools to get to know and to compare their European social, cultural, natural and historical environment. It will contribute to develop an awareness of the participants' European citizenship, and open their minds to cultural diversity. The young reporters will investigate European and regional multicultural societies to find 'unity in diversity'. The following topics will be addressed: getting to know each other, school life, current issues, and sciences. They will produce their multi-lingual newsletter along with supporting documents such as audio and/or visual recordings and exhibitions for local and European audiences which will be presented and evaluated during annual meetings and on the project website. The learners will acquire and improve their communication skills by using Internet, e-mailing and multimedia facilities. A digital learning environment will enable all participants to communicate with their local and international partners and share all documents and end products. The participating institutions may work with and be assisted by local authorities and media as well as institutions involved in education in their respective countries.
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