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Kairos and kronos: a matter of time

4 Schools of Art have been associated in order to analyze and interpret the different conceptions of time in the participating cities and countries, paying attention to the common and different aspects. In order to increase students´ motivation through international cooperation, subjective and objective conceptions of time have been explored through the multiple activities and products developed, all of them full of creativity. The thematic innovation, the creativity developed by students as well as the quality of the achieved results make of this project a singular experience which allows getting deeply into the concept of interculturalism from a very original point of view. Thanks to the project, the different lifestyles in each country have been compared, the trace of time in the cities have been found, metaphorical machines of time have been created, using imagination and a great variety of methodological proposals. Remarkable as products are two exhibitions, one of photographs and another one of objects and artistic installations, and an illustrated book.
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