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Kaip padėti įsisavinti vizualinės reklamos profesiją mokiniams, turintiems elgesio ir emocijų sutrikimų
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Since one of the possible threats named in the Kaunas Applied Arts school year 2013-2017 strategic plan is the growing number of students from disadvantaged and at-risk families with special needs, health and behavioral disorders, and school work actively and effectively with these students by implementing social skills program. However, students with a variety of emotional and behavioral disorders come not only from disadvantaged or at-risk families, so there was a need to gain more knowledge about a variety of behavioral and emotional disorders. All members of the consortium-schools face similar problems, so it was decided to gain experience abroad. The main objective of the project is to help students with behavioral and emotional disorders to absorb profession. Vocational school teachers do not have enough knowledge about children's emotional and behavioral problems, can not assess what disorder the child may have and how to respond properly to each behavior or emotional disorder . So in order for the student better uptake of the profession in the future and become competitive in the labor market, specific additional aid would be very useful. Other objectives of the project:   - To familiarize teachers with educational system in Portugal and Italy. To find out how teachers in Portugal and Italy help pupils with emotional and behavioral disorders.   - Enabling trainees of Visual advertising producers to complete their internship in advertising companies in Riga, where they will improve their computer skills, technical equipment, scanners, working with CorelDraw program, will make models, will produce a luminous advertising, outdoor advertising, reinforce the cutting, grinding, shaping, cleaning, gluing, printing abilities. They will also be involved in workshops and training to help them to cope with the emotions and control anti-social behavior. Participants in the project are divided into two target groups: 1. Vocational teachers (12 teachers, 4 from each school of the consortium members). 2. The students of visual advertising specialty (9 students, 3 from each school of the consortium members) Vocational teachers will go to Italy (Giovani per l'Europe)-6teachers and Portugal (EPD)- 6 teachers in two streams. In Italy participants will visit the Support Center Guardo Oltre "home and community" Fiori nel Deserto ". Also, participants will visit a vocational school " Filippo, where they observe the work with students under the program" Let's learn to live together. " At the end there will take place the final session. Portugal labor monitoring will take place in two vocational schools - Professional Escola de Almada and Vocational School Setubal. There the participants will not only monitor the work with at-risk and marginalized social classes, but also will have the opportunity to participate in the practical management of negative emotions coursework. For participants there will be organized a lecture on public communication and retribution with stress and practical public speaking classes. 9 trainees of visual advertising producers (three students from each member of consortium) will be held in three weeks of practice in Riga, where they not only improve their professional skills, but also will have the opportunity to participate in stress, anger management, public speaking, self-delivery activities. For project management organization of the applicant formed and approved the project management team. During the project there will be developed and implemented a support plan with the workshops for students who have emotional and behavioral disorders. Community members of the consortium will develop and hold a seminar,, Students emotional and behavioral problem. How to work? ". Kaunas district and school teachers, student support professionals will be invited to the seminar. They will be sharing best practices. There will be an article prepared on the possible aid for students with emotional and behavioral disorders when mastering the profession. The article will be published on the websites of the consortium members. All this information will be able to use in Lithuanian vocational schools for their work. Also 9 visual advertising students deepen knowledge in a practical application, working in the Riga advertising companies. They will benefit from raising their self-esteem and enhance their competitiveness in the labor market. As well as workshops and lectures to help manage their emotions, cope with stress and anger, it will be useful for them to compete in the job market.

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