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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The 1st Laboratory Centre of Trikala aims at upgrading its Computer Science Workshops and the qualitative improvement of the training it provides; therefore, It suggests this particular mobility project that concerns the teachers’ training so that they are able to use devices as ipads/tablets. Such devices offer plenty of capabilities and have been officially introduced in the educational systems of a lot of European countries: thus, they are being supported by formal educational sectors of the European Union. The aims of this project are: 1. The acquisition of all that knowledge which will help all participating teachers to introduce such devices(ipads/tablets) into their daily teaching procedure. 2. The study of the educational system of the Host Country and the way this system supports every novelty in education. 3. The introduction of ipads/tablets into the educational practice of our school. 4. Furthermore, this project aims at forwarding the European αspect of the school and the intercultural background of every teacher by giving him/her the opportunity to: • Improve his knowledge in the area of foreign language learning, • Get familiar with the culture of another country • Function as an intermediary between our school and the educational institutions of the Host Country with which our school wishes to develop ways of cooperation. 10 Computer Science teachers are to participate in this project. Most of them have attended the B-levelled in-service training course. Thus, they have already been given both the technological and the theoretical training that will help them to carry out the suggested project. They are good –even very good- users of the English language; furthermore, they are familiar with the use of interactive teaching systems. There is only one thing they lack: the experience to use ipads/tablets since no such devices have been used in Secondary Education in Greece so far. The methodology we suggest provides theoretical knowledge training that will take place in the workplaces of the Host Organisation by chosen outdoor partners and will have to do with the technical specifications of ipads/tablets used in education as well as the necessary software that goes with them. Also, there is going to be a mention of innovative methods concerning the use of these devices. In parallel, there will be a training in practice in the school units that have introduced ipads/tablets in the educational procedure as well as visits to select manufacturing companies and agencies that sell ipads/tablets and, last but not least, study of the distinguishing features of these devices and their potential use in education. We have even provided for a briefing that will also take place in the workplaces of the Host Organisation; this briefing will be about the educational system of the Host Country, the way this country passes on innovations in teaching, its aims and, of cource, the results. The results we expect from our teachers’ training are: 1. Improvement of their professional skills 2. Their briefing about novel teaching methods 3. The chance that will be given to them to function as multipliers ιn the benefit of both their school and education in general 4. Improvement of their linguistic skills 5. Their chance to get familiar with capabilities and opportunities offered to them by ERASMUS+ and to pass on its results and benefits to the educational –even general-audience. 6. Their role as enthusiastic supporters of the European idea. For our school, we do expect that it: 1. Will acquire the technological knowledge it needs in order to upgrade its rather old-fashioned Computer Science Workshops. 2. Will become a training centre for teachers which will have to do with innovative teaching methods. 3. Will acquire the proper technological knowledge it needs in order to deal with more European projects. 4. Will create “bridges of communication” with the educational institutions of the Host Country aiming at the continual improvement of its substructures. We do expect that our students will 1. Improve their performances at school 2. Enhance their creativity 3. Bring their special talents and skills into prominence via individualized teaching and ,thus,learning. Students that face special difficulties during learning procedure will be able to rely upon this effort in order to incorporate themselves into the learning process. We do anticipate that the methods that will spread the results of our project will be known by the educational community and that more Greek schools will do the same: this will definitely contribute to the forwarding of novelty in education. In the long term, we do believe that the improvement of our substructures in terms of people and materials will make our training and its results more attractive. We even hope that the role of our school will be known both locally and nationally; thus, it will become a distinctive centre in the process of forwarding the sense of innovation in education
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