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Καινοτόμες δεξιότητες στον τομέα των ΤΠΕ (ICT), για συνεργατική μάθηση και τεχνικές διδασκαλίας βασισμένες στη μέθοδο project.
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Οur school strategic development plan aims at developing and improving the quality of education through the support and training of school teachers on innovative teaching methods and practices that make use of modern ICT and teamwork approach to teaching and learning.The sending organization, the 2nd Vocational High School of Katerini has about 500 students and 75 teachers, and welcomes students aged 16-19 from all over Pieria. The following four Sectors with corresponding specialties (12 in number) work at school :I) InformaticsII) Management and EconomicsIII) Agriculture, Food Technology and NutritionΙV) Health and CareThis project aims to multifaceted integration of ICT and collaborative learning in daily educational practice of school in order to improve the development and cultivation of creative skills of students, effective understanding of the provided knowledge as well as the collaborative and cooperative culture. Furthermore, we aim at activating and developing internal learning incentives to our students to acquire useful knowledge through an attractive and experiential process, which will make them stakeholders in the educational process and self-active regulators.At the same time the project aims at:-improving language skills of teachers -increasing the efficiency, attractiveness and the European dimension of school-increasing motivation and satisfaction in everyday work of teachers-awareness and acceptance of linguistic and cultural diversity of the European peoples.Efforts will be made so that the 10 participating teachers cover all groups of disciplines of the school. Specifically, the training teams will be consisted of two teachers from every Vocational Sector of the School.The entire selection process will be transparent, credible and inclusive, and it will run under the responsibility of the Association of Teachers and criteria that will ensure the utmost success of the project.The main activities of the project are:a) participation of five school teachers in the seminar TEL: Technology Enhanced Learning (eti MALTA, July 2016)b) participation of five school teachers in the seminar Innovative skills in ICT through collaborative and project-based teaching and learning (Cervantes Training, Spain-Madrid, Alcala de Henares, April 2017).These two providers are prominent teachers training service organizations with extensive experience in European educational activities. Their objectives are to bring teachers into contact with a large number of tools and practices of new technologies, to combine teaching methods learning using technology and teamwork approach. Also, they provide an opportunity for trainees teachers to develop their skills in the use of English in European cooperation, to develop their own personal development plan and to join on-line groups of teachers in order to exchange views and experiences of common interest issues.Teachers participating in the seminars will transfer their knowledge and experiences in the rest of the educational staff of the school and gain collaborative culture that we hope to will make the school a learning community for all teachers and students. Through their contacts with colleagues sharing the same interests, during the training seminar, they will make European cooperation easier and more efficient in the very critical field of education.But the most important impact we believe will be on our students who: 1. will benefit from innovative educational interventions based on cooperation and new technologies (ICT) 2. will experience an attractive learning environment and 3. will gain knowledge tools for subsequent work and social life.In conclusion, we strongly believe that the training activities designed and proposed in this project will make our school an actively creating and learning cell, will make it more attractive and more effective, and will enhance its European dimension in education and culture.
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