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KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals: Staff Education and Mobility
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Sep 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project aims to increase the competence of 5 staff members at Verzlunarskoli Islands. Our school is going through a big change for being a 4-year secondary school into being a 3-year one. This poses many challenges both for teachers and administration staff. It is therefore of vital importance that we do what we can to make sure that the change is successful. The school is a tertiary level academic educational college, which prepares students for university education like the 2 Danish schools that the staff is visiting. The objective is to enable our staff to further their skills in their field in administration, student engagement, IT operations, coordinating of international project as well to increase the understanding of teaching methodology. Furthermore, it is imperative for secondary school staff members to get an opportunity to share ideas with staff memeber from other European secondary schools. The school finds it very importand to be open to new ideas and forward thinking and part of that is to enable its staff to increase its competence through job-shadowing in other schools. The participants are 5 staff members at Verzlunarskoli Islands, 4 in administration and 1 both in administration and language teachers. They have all been working for the school for a number of years from 10 - 25 years. The 4 staff members in administration will visit 2 Danish secondary school, one in Copenhagen and one in Haderslev, both quite progressive in their field. They will send their wishes to the schools as to what new knowledge within their field they would like to acquire and together with the receiving school put together a program for the visits. The 5th staff member who is a coordinator of international projects and language teacher will stay at Rysensteen gymnasium in Copenhagen for 2 months and job-shadow the 2 coordinators of international projects at the school and some of the school's teachers to increase her understanding of teaching methodology and acquire new knowledge of progressive teaching methods like interdisciplinary cooperation and skills based learning which will benefit the school in the new 3-year secondary school reform. Our institution strongly believes that all such activity as mentioned above will benefit the institution as the short and long term, both with respect to greater quality of staff competence as well as more inspired and enthusiastic staff members. Also, keeping apace with developments in Europe will reverberate within the school because our staff, both administration and teachers, tend to interact and share with their colleagues both formally with workshops and meetings and informally in the staff lounge. Finally, as stated above changes are imminent in the general school environment in the country with the new 3-year secondary school reform laws in education. We are striving to approach to a greater extent the time framework of secondary and tertiary education in Europe. Being an isolated country geographically-wise it is very important for us to be abreast of developments in other countries and Denmark has a very good reputation when it comes to developments and progressiveness within the school sector.
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