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Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Oct 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

K9LAN = TO KNOW ENTITIES THAT WORK WITH PROBLEMATIC SOCIAL + TO LEARN OF THEM + TO INTERCONNECT THESE DIFFERENT ENTITIES AND TO USE THE RESOURCES OF SOME AS THERAPY FOR OTHERS CREATING BOWS BETWEEN ALL THE COLLECTIVE PARTICIPANTS.K-9Land, is a proposal for multilateral Youth Exchange 50 youth (16-30 years) plus its leaders (2 per country): Portugal, Lithuania and Spain, which will take place in the town of Villablanca, between days 23 August and 2 September 2016, which themes are cultural diversity encompassing social differences, the problem of animal abuse and the importance voluntary associations working with autistic children, residences 3rd age, and fire the unit Huelva in charge of the search for survivors in major disasters using sport as a tool and Scouting (or Scout) movement.We believe that these issues are themselves natural answer to some of the problems currently affecting the world and particularly Europe: Animal protection on the one hand, that left side lately due to the economic crisis which is immersed the Western world, it should regain its rightful place predominantly through the pressure and public awareness. Promoting the values promoted by another Scouting: multiculturalism, respect, solidarity, service to others, altruism, volunteerism, etc. we understand that are the ones that allow this troubled world and crisis of values not fall into the fierce individualism and "every man for himself".The project objectives are raised on two levels: 1) Knowledge and awareness: Knowing the ways of real influence on the community, and the value and consequences of everyday actions on our society and 2) Dissemination / awareness: Contribute to the development of awareness of other young people by disseminating promotional material in our environment and in the participants.Since the association after personal experiences in trade, we understand that as a result of this project includes from the preparation of the activity in common, execution thereof and exploitation of results and projection continuity of the same, we will instill pursued by our scouting method as healthy leisure values and healthy lifestyle, including without distinction of social classes, realities, gender or origin; and individual understanding of being a part of a global Europe and rowing to the same end, rich in cultural diversity and nourished by the youth to whom it is addressed the this project.Since 80% of the preparation of this exchange has been tutored by those responsible for our association, but prepared by our youth, showing their concerns, needs and capacities, we understand that to be pro-active part of it will have an infinitely greater effect than would be able to impress upon them if they were just merely attending it, from the Association have bet all our deck this project created by and for young convinced that the it is a winning horse and we have no doubt whatsoever that in the long term serve to create demand for boys and need to join and feel capable agents of change in all aspects treaties.The methodology consists of tutoring activities prior presentation or workshop specialists in the subject, then such knowledge to work creatively in multicultural teams while these experts support the work of the Participants always from the background maximizing creativity and involvement of equipment; once worked the issues are documented and digitized to display them in our social networks and maximizing media impact of the project.All activities described in Annex calendar have a reason linked well with the theme, along with the need for get a light-hearted group, united and motivated to maximize the possible outcomes, and our firm belief importance of the exchange begins long before the physical encounter and documenting working from home make exchange participants feel as their own, I believe and be active and involved agents.Collaboration with local entities listed in the project are a fundamental pillar of this proposal trying to actively contribute to the problems of our town while approaching Europe and get training and resources for the future of the young participants.
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