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Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Feb 28, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our Project’s main subject is to provide awareness by outdoor event and education and as such to come out creative and entrepreneurial spirit which generete a healthy life in the form of mental and physical. Firstly, our Project purpose to arouse ideality; then to make contributor conscious of enterprise and to infuse self-confidence. The Project special purpose is to provide toleration between countries. For this aim our province, which is located in the first row of the priority development regions, ideal ambience. The project started on 10th February 2015, ended on 22nd February 2015. There were 2 partners Portugal and Turkey. 11 Participants from Each country and 2 group leader per country took role in project during the activity dates. Totally 22 Young people between 18-30 ages and 4 group leaders participated in project. Our Project served as a guide for participants, who are unemployed young people, entering employment. Our activities were managing commmon methods of training on the basis of awereness. All our activities are interrelated. All of them are created from single theme and from the particular to general, from concrete to abstract, are listed in days activities. The whole can be seen when the Project has ended. Self-awareness training methods are previously tried. The training is effective in self-recognition to responding question like ‘Who am I?’ and ‘How much am I aware of myself?’ interest and talents and first of all the emergence of their limited range strengths. This is the main factor in the emergence of creativity. Individual, who realise own ability, feel more valued in the community itself and also can see to prejudice other people is unvarranted. It is also help to eliminate the reasons of the failure. It is also allowing entrepreneurial spirit to wake up. Project’s results, effects and long-term benefits; individually participants an guest of the participants gain new competencies. Competencies developed, they owned. Activities to do at the same time, acquiring tolerance, social cohesion, team spirit and motivational behaviors. Young people saw that they can develop their skills and also they have knowledge about personal development and breathing techniques. One of the our project’s result is participants can get to know the cultures of the countries. They won against each other through awareness and tolerance. Finally, with this Project, we planned to development of our city, our local people the knowledge, skills, behavior, tolerance and they are planning to bring awareness at the beginning. In the long term, the project's principal benefits arise. Because Just Be is a project oriented to the future and people. Because for people and humanity to live is just to be.
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