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Jump to the Change
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Oct 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The " JUMP TO THE CHANGE" project is the first part of an organized youth exchange simultaneously by Italian teenagers and Spanish , which will be held in Elche, which involved 20 young , the Valle d' Aosta (Italy) and local youth city ​​of Elche , 20 to 31 July 2015 . For 12 days , participants will learn and learn from each other's culture and vision of the world, looking for differences and similarities that unite the mountainous region of Valle d'Aosta and southern Spain , breaking barriers imposed by society today. We want to take that leap of change for these young people begin to understand how big the world , full of places that although nearby , in Europe itself , are so diverse, and although different , full of young people who can share concerns , tastes , difficulties, fears and hopes with them. In this first part of the project, the Spanish group will host the Italian group and show you the history, culture and traditions of Elche. To achieve this, Elche participants will work at an earlier stage during part of 2015 to see first hand the city where they live and thus show from their own view , the Italian group . As important activities , " Sponsor an Italian " , in which each local participant host for a whole day at home to an Italian participant , sharing a normal day with his family. Another day all participants so devoted to the most deeply rooted traditions in Elche artisans will have the opportunity to visit the Palm of Elche learn how to make traditional braided palama and prepare typical Mediterranean food , eliminating barriers linguuisticas day to day learning how to communicate with equal. The methodology used in our project will always aimed at non-formal and informal learning, encouraging participants to actively participate at all times in activities through : work in small groups , team exercises , trustworthy, RPGs and simulations , individual work and self- reflection, expression and creative thinking, group reflection and continuous feedback sessions , activities for self-knowledge and their skills and abilities that will serve you in the future both personally and professionally. This experience will help them to improve their life project . We hope that after the project, participants can take advantage of everything learned in their daily life with family, friends , community and organizations. And not forgetting , help young people in search of himself and understands the importance of overcoming achievements. and have the satisfaction of where you go and you want to do . And there are no barriers in the world if we are able to skip them .
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