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Jugendarbeitslosigkeit und Chancengleichheit von Jugendlichen auf dem regionalen Arbeitsmarkt in Spanien und Deutschland.
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Unemployment and equality of opportunity of young people at the regional employment market in Spain and Germany" serves the cultural approach and exchange of experiences concerning the vocational and educational training on two levels. On the one hand, eight students of 11th grade of the Berufliche Oberschule Marktheidenfeld and further eight pupils of the Centro Integrado de Formación Profesional of the Colegio Loyola are supposed to gain work experience in collaborating companies abroad, exchange their knowledge and prepare a brochure for publishing. As in Spain the dual vocational training is not developed throughout the country and the Colegio Loyola is going to start a pilot scheme in the region, the two colleges could learn from each other. Therefore the Spanish students should gain experience in German companies whereas the German students should work in Spanish companies in order to work on the topic of the project. In collaboration with regionally and globally operating companies (e.g. Bosch Rexroth) the students should experience the world of work and economy. Moreover they should be motivated and educated to advance their educational and vocational training and become an important part of the European society. Especially young people who are at risk to drop out of school and socially disadvantaged students should understand that a proper education concerning vocational and academical training is accessible to everyone. Colegio Loyola develops special programmes for this kind of students in several specialities (e.g. mechanics, plumbing). By using the English language, they are prepared for a globalized job market. On the other hand, respectively eight students of the final year of each institution focus on Spanish and German culture, the historical developement of the economy and their locally given conditions in a second part of the project. The results add to the first part of the project. The students are able to improve their language skills because the communication takes place in Spanish and English. Furthermore they work on the differences of the two cultures and find out about the circumstances which are responsible for regional youth unemployment. All in all, the project aims at analyzing the structures and conditions of youth unemployment in both countries. In addition the pupils create concepts to improve the employment situation of the regions, which could set an example to national developements. All results are presented and discussed in a final panel discussion with representatives of regional companies and politics, which is part of a project day at the German as well as at the Spanish school. That way, via the eTwinning platform and the local press, we present the achievements to the public. Above all, the language acquisition of English and Spanish will be promoted in order to strengthen the opportunities of the participants at the international job market. In this way the students will understand the demands of a globalized world and internalize the general principles of the European Union. Tolerance and openmindedness towards other cultures and the understanding of intercultural activities and economic processes should be enhanced. During the exchange, the pupils stay with host families, which offers them the opportunity to be part of the daily family life and to get to know the different social structures. The integration into the family, their social environment, school and a company helps them to get a complete picture of the life of young people in the other country. Colegio Loyola is part of an educational network presented in 132 countries around the world and has also already made a host of experiences with EU programmes. So, with regard to intercultural relations, it provides essential skills, which can be further developed. As a comprehensive school the Spanish institution is able to deal with pupils of every age and level of education. The Berufliche Oberschule Marktheidenfeld, which participates in a European educational programme for the first time, hopes to profit from that body of knowledge and be able to pave the way for its pupils to an intercultural and globalized world. As a vocational school the institution works at the interface between school, apprenticeship and university. It can offer various experiences in the individual career counseling and inner differentiation of the pupils. These competencies should guide the students of both schools onto their right way to the world of employment and facilitate the start into their working life.
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