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Jugend pflegt in Europa
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main focus of the project "Youth maintains in Europe" lies to get to know the hygiene and nursing in different societies and social systems in view of combined Europe as well as in the exchange of information with regard to different nursing education and nursing activity abroad. In more and more narrowly growing together Europe trainees of the hygiene and nursing contacts which goes out rather "tourist" getting to know of other countries should be allowed. A professional contact offers the possibility to get to know country and people, structures, political, economic and social aspects of the reality of a country "from the inside". This can be only useful to a deeper mutual understanding and contribute to raise the mutual esteem or backs up criticism to practice. In particular before the background of the at the moment very tense job market situation with a significant professional force lack a stay abroad also offers the opportunity, as an ambassador of own country professional forces from the respective host country to akquirieren. Another main focus lies in personalen, communicative-social, methodical and technical competence enlargement of the trainees. Before the background that it concerns with the trainees young adults whose personality, values and positions still study and develop just a stay abroad offers an educationally valuable support to the strengthening of this competence.Involved of the project nursing schools or hospitals are in Bregenz and Kufstein in Austria. The foreign facilities take up in the course of two years all together in each case 10 schoolgirls and allow a 4-week nursing training period in her facilities to them. The practical activity in other cultural connections should open the possibility for the trainees to apply theoretically qualified or to move. Thus they receive during her theoretical education an overview about different nursing theories and nursing models., Among the rest, the object of the lessons is the care of foreign people what permits the first access to the care of people from different cultures and social systems. The foreign partner facilities allow the practical activity; they put moreover practise encl. pus or teacher whom the trainees accompany and check learner's result at the end of the training period and judge. The trainees have within the scope of the foreign training period the possibility to receive insight into foreign health systems and learn to estimate her own skills better. Therefore they improve her possibilities on the European job market and can react at job market standards with mobility.The programme is konzipert for trainees of the hygiene and nursing as well as the health nursing and child nursing in the 3rd practical training year which contains the differentiation phase according to the nursing law. The trainees have finished the integrative part of the education. They are enabled to carry out general nursing technologies with patients of all age groups. The mediation at the beginning of the last practical training year enables to them to carry out a competent care and to move the learnt also concerning intercultural care. It is a project aim that the trainees move openly and with interest in an increasingly globalized world freely and are enabled to seize offering chances to themselves to them. Beside the acquisition of specialist competence a main focus of the stay abroad lies in the advancement of the personal competence. In particular in the last third of the education such a stay abroad can increase the motivation of the trainees, because the value of her qualification is made clear to them in a globalized world practically. The trainees on her raised job prospects are pointed out by the preparation of the first contact in the neighbouring foreign countries. According to the beginning of an education oriented to competence the project "Jugend pflegt in Europa" youngsters in her technical, but also social-communicative and personalen competence and develop. Here in particular the open curricula of both educational institutions offer to Bregenz and Kufstein the chance to formulate competence-supporting learning duties which can be moved by the trainees then in practice on site and be applied. In the long term the effect to be expected of such a stay abroad will lie in the fact that the participants move more of course and more self-confidently in a globalized world, show more flexibility and tolerance and are therefore for the European job market of big interest.
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