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Joint framework for the provision of standardized services to Geotechnical engineers for (e)training on natural risks - civil protection and for promoting access to the labour market (GEO-PROMOTION)
Start date: May 17, 2011, End date: May 16, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project aims at upgrading the level of qualifications of geotechnicians of the two countries in relation to the prevention, management and confrontation of natural disasters, using traditional training methods as well as innovative tools (e-learning, web- technologies). It focuses as well on the provision of joint-standardized training services that support the mobility of geotechnicians between the two countries and promotes their access to the open market. A single base and ICT infrastructures will be created for the matching between the job supply and demand.The activities of the project include development of a joint framework for providing training services to geotechnicians from the two countries on natural disasters, design and implementation of joint training services (traditional training through seminars), as well as development of a web-TV enabled e-learning platform with a scope to extend the durability, geographical scope and accessibility of training activities. A web-career services office for promoting geotechnicians to the labour market will be set up and will support them. Expected Results: The proposed project results in :- creating a cooperation network between relevant bodies of the two countries that have a high level of relevant expertise and capacity, are representing the Public, as well as the Private Sector and the Market (Professional Association-Geotechnicians) and they are not only officially delegated to provide training services but in addition have a technical /scientific capacity to deliver training services on environmental issues. The presence of a professional association (Geotecnical Chamber) has a significant added value because the end users (Geotecnicians) are participating from the beginning in the planning phase thus making the training process efficient to both improve the required skills for civil protection and to tailore the market needs. This partnership represents a sustainable nework of cooperation and a channel of interaction between the market and the promoters of local and national policies & scientific outcomes. - enhancing of the competitiveness of human resources (Geotechnicians) through training and upgrading their proffessional qualifications in a balanced and homogeneous way throughout the cross-border area, - increasing the mobility of Geotechnicians professionals through the delivery of joint, standardized training and e-learning services and the facilitation of their access to the labour market of the two countries, enforced by the use of innovative ICT Technologies, - 30 seminars will be implemented and a about 700 Geotechnical professionals will be trained (at least 30% wil be women) Finally, the project will increase the capacity to provide better coordinated and aligned services for the the prevention, management and confrontation of natural disasters at the cross-border area.

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  • 2007 - 2013 Greece - Bulgaria (EL-BG)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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