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Joint Actions for the protection and improvement of public health in the Cross-Border Area (IPA SHIELD)

The General Hospital of Kilkis and the General Hospital of Gevgelija are two of the most important medical units of the cross border area. The cross border dimension is very intense, since the distance between the border line and specific subunits of the two hospitals, is less than 10 km.Both hospitals provide services to emergency incidents occurred on the road network and at the same time they address principal imported pathogens and diseases, from diagnosis to clinical management and treatment.The European Union Directive on the application of patients rights in cross-border health care explicitly calls cooperation in cross-border health care provision in border regions. Given that most such collaboration in the health care field involves secondary care, this means that hospitals that are close to national frontiers are the focus of significant attention.IPA SHIELD views the Directive 2011/24/EU in the context of the cross-border area of Kilkis- Gevgelija and involves procurement and installation of new, cutting edge medical equipment for both partners and improvement and modernization of the hospitals facilities in Gevgelija by infrastructure works.Besides upgrading the hospital unit in Gevgelija and procuring all the necessary equipment, the partners will also organize training of staff, joint medical studies on epidemiology and common medical protocols. As a complementary action,Information & Publicity actions include the development of a trilingual website, promotional material, entries in newspapers and magazines, TV spots, a symposium and a health conference.

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