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Joint action for the promotion of the common cultural characteristics focused on the two ancient theaters of Foiniki and Dodoni (MileSTONES)

Ancient theatres can play a crucial role in the Mediterranean culture and cultural heritage. The ancient theatre of Dodoni in the region of Epirus-Greece and the ancient theatre of Phoinike in the region of Vlorë-Albania are two cultural heritage and archaeological sites that prove that the two countries are strongly connected in terms of history and culture. The protection, improvement and enhancement of such sites would, in fact, determine an increase of their relevance as tourist spots, while the proper management of these sites would help in minimizing negative impacts and threats. Thus, the main objective of the project is to ensure the ancient theatres in terms of physical, cultural and socio-economic aspects by endorsing proper management actions in this direction. Finally, through innovative techniques, the project aims at the connection of the two ancient sites and eventually the formation of a cultural tourism network. The project aims at bringing together the two Cultural Heritage Milestones under an umbrella-project that will protect the ancient theaters from natural disaster and human invasion and eventually promote their intrinsic cultural and touristic value and invigorate Cultural Tourism.
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