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joined Experimental and Numerical methods for HumAN CEntered interior noise Design (ENHANCED)
Start date: Aug 1, 2013, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"The overall objective of the ENHANCED project is to create an industrial-oriented educational and research framework for developing integrated numerical and experimental procedures for the acoustic characterisation and simulation of cabin interior noise (addressing the automotive field).One University, one industrial company and one associated partner will collaborate.The need of including into the early stage design of a small enclosure as car cabin the prediction of the interior acoustic field is gathering more and more importance in the industrial sector. The acoustic design is a challenging topic it requiring both the knowledge of the cabin structure and component materials and the definition of the propagation paths (air and structure borne) inside the cabin itself. Therefore experimental measurement methods able to characterise the interior acoustic field and numerical models allowing to link it to design, i.e. to determine how design modification will impact to the final overall interior noise, have to be developed. Moreover the project aims at producing acoustic models addressed to the human comfort inside the vehicle this requiring to develop a model able to predict sound quality indicators and to be linked to design.Two complementary fields will be therefore addressed by the project and integrated by exploiting the activity of different PhD students and linking them together:- acoustic measurement and noise source identification and separation,- hybrid numerical modelling- and sound engineering.ENHANCED aims at further consolidating, extending and integrating the knowledge in interior noise quantitative characterisation and simulation.This will result in researchers skilled in the latest technologies for tackling the interior noise problem. Moreover, the close cooperation between the academic and industrial environment will constitute a breakthrough from specialised academic findings to integration in industrially relevant applications."

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