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Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CEIP Argantonio is considered as one of the best educative centres in this area. Every year external assestment results´s are above the average. Families are satisfied with it and the transition from students between Primary school and the next stage shows this. Our school takes part of an educative program for improving the quality and the academic results, and we have achieved all the goals already proposed the previous year.Despite this, this school seeks to improve even more the quality of the educative process here, following the European guideline, plurilingualism project, new technologies of information and communication, and adapting the teaching-learning process to the new legislative context, that is teaching the key competences .The project of observation of good practices comes up through the collaborative work in the etwining platform. We started a collaborative project called “Let´s create an European music band” which helped all the members to get to know.Findland is on the top of the PISA ranking. From our school we truly think that we can learn from observation of other educative practices. Observing Kiiminkijoen koulu´s practice, principally through the music area, can let us know in deep these different teaching practices. The free and safe platform for teachers to connect, develop collaborative projects and share ideas in Europe There are two people participating in this project from our school, the headmistress and the music teacher (secretary of the school at the same time). Previous experience on European projects, availability for moving abroad and the important role of them in the school are some of the reasons to select these candidates for this process. After this process of observation these two people will show the results and explain the process to the rest of the educative community around this school. These are the main aims we seek to achieve: Set aside for the school: - To improve the quality of the teachers.- To internationalize the school.- To improve the teaching practices for a better context creation, using new innovative techniques, dynamic, flexible and collaboration with other schools and educative institutions. Set aside for the teachers: - Personal and professional development- To get to know different educative systems and practices.- To improve the quality of the teaching-learning tasks.- To improve the foreign language skills and competences.- To increase motivation and satisfaction on daily work. The teachers selected for this process have designed a diary notebook, kind of a travel notebook, with all the activities and organization of the educative process which can be observed. This diary will be complemented with photos and videos from our stay there. With all this material we will work on a portfolio which will be showed to the educative community through the school´s faculty. The school website and the Helvia platform will help to spread the results of this process to the students´ families. The educative consultants concerning the teachers centers in Castilleja de la Cuesta y Sevilla will be informed as well. At the end of the stay and the observation process we will continue with a process on reflexion and self improvement of the teaching process. In addition, this process will push some other teachers to investigate on other fields, leading to long term benefits on the side of the school and teachers and helping some others European collaborative projects.
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