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Johnny´s seven friends

Aim of the Partnership was to make a puppet theatres in suitcase with a little boy Johnny (Jussike, Giovanni, Can, Joazinho, Jon, Jonukas - different equivalent names in partners languages) as the main character, who travels, meets other people and makes 7 stops during his journey. With the handmade dolls made by our students we enact plays written by our students in our schools, but also in schools, youth-centers, libraries, kindergartens in neighbourhood. We videotape our plays and share them with partners. We collect plays in partners´ mother tongues and translated into English from every country into book and add to them vocabulary of partner languages. With smaller pupils is good to make a pictionary (dictionary, illustrated with simple pictures). So we can disseminate results of our project and have bigger impact. You can see our project book with dramas and pictionary on our project blog. Also we reflect our project work in collective blog – so everybody has access to information about our activities in internet:
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